Versace bags?

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  1. Hello!

    I did not see a forum for Versace bags.... I have a question about one of mine...

    I will post a photo of it if it will help....

    I have a gorgeous Versace brown shoulder bag that I purchased a few years ago. I LOVE this bag but it needs a little fix and I am not sure who to "trust" to have fix it...

    The problem is the backing of the bag is too relaxed and as a result when the bag is on my shoulder it crumples inward - looks like it is trying to fold in half inward.

    I would like to have a stiffer something - not sure what - sewn inside the backing of the bag to make the back of the bag more riggid so it won't buckle.

    Does, anyone know where and who I should let do the work to this bag? I am pretty sure it was not widely distributed and is gorgeous (at least to me) I bought it at Neiman Marcus online and it was the last one!

    Any ideas ladies?

  2. yes where is a forum for Versace bags hehe?? :tender: