versace bag

  1. Hello everyone Im dying to own the beautiful versace metallic monogram bag! Anyone know where to get it? I have called the boutique but they have none. Eluxury is completely sold out. Maybe you all could help?:smile:

    Heres the pic:
  2. it's pretty!!!
  3. I'm wondering if it's sold out everywhere. Eluxury (I think it was) sent out an e-mail and had that bag as the featured bag. I googled 'Versace bags' and all the usual Versace places we are told are legitimate don't have that particular one.

    Here's one I found that you might want to see, if you can't locate that one.
  4. [​IMG] I'm liking this bag. Also, this is a test to see if it works and shows the bag.
  5. Pretty