Versace bag

  1. What do you girls think of this Versace bag? Do you think it is wearable? Probably not a day bag? I find it beautiful.:love:

  2. I think you could rock this in the day, but would have to be impecably dressed and polished. If it was in a black or something then I think clothing wouldn't matter.
  3. I just saw this on eluxury.......I love the shape of it, but after I got done looking at it for a while, I figured it wasn't really my style, too flashy for me. I do think it's gorgeous, though.
  4. it kinda reminded me of LV speedy multicolore on the hardwares.
  5. i kinda like it...!
  6. i love the shape too and i do think you can use it every day.
  7. I have seen it at the Versace store in NYC. It truly is a lovely bag and I just love the hardware.
  8. It's not my cup of tea because it's so bling bling but you have to like that's he only thing that matters.
  9. I really like it but its more of a trendy bag IMO.
  10. Oh thats a nice bag!
  11. I like it, but I would worry about the fabric part getting dirty since it's white.
  12. Drools,
  13. Its flashy and bling bling but classy!!!! They have a black one in Eluxury but it is not the same!! here it is:

  14. It's pretty, but after my last Versace bag (which was NOT well made at all), I'll never own another.
  15. i like the bag.. but yeah, it is not an everyday bag... i guess it could be a day bag though..
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