Verrou bag

  1. This is good to know. I really love this bag and would love it in box. But perhaps it's better in epsom if the lock takes a lot of fiddling. Most of the scratches on my box bags are around the closures from fingernails.
  2. Tell me about it! I love my cdcs, rings and I am always fearful of scratches on my bags interiors and exterior when I take stuff in and out..
  3. I'm debuting my rouge tomate epsom verrou 21 today. Here's my feedback: the lock is easy to use and I can do it one handed while the bag is on my shoulder. It fits the essentials (I travel light): reading glasses, iPhone 7, bearn key case, calvi, small zip Goyard pouch, work ID, chewing gum. A small brush probably would fit as well. The front hardly lifted with these things in the bag. It lifted a little when I put my bearn wallet in rather than my calvi (although the wallet fit fine). The lift didn't bother me. The bolt makes a tiny dent underneath the piece you slip it through. This dent is behind the lock so you do not see it. It is a nonissue. The bag is light as a feather.
  4. I tried on a gorgeous trench 21 verrou, and am smitten with its design. I found the latch surprisingly easy to use. Much easier than a kelly imo. Trench is so neutral yet interesting. The ease of the constance like strap system is a winner for me. I love my mini roulis, but keep the strap doubled most times. The verrou is comfortable either doubled up or longer. I cannot wear it cross body nor would want to. I have other h cross body bags like evelyne and massai cut. Need a couple more days to ponder the leap! I love the design and it did not have a lift that was mentioned earlier in the thread. I can easily understand why epsom is needed though. With other leathers, the lockimg system would be prone to scratching any other type of leather. I'd love one in chevre but would not like the chain strap.
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  5. Hey lanit did you take the leap?
  6. IMG_1492569464.843168.jpg

    What I wore today with my Verrou


    And sharing what I saw in my local store display-- lusting over this black box!
  7. Oh dear... I am starting to really lust for a Verrou!
  8. Unfurtunately due to tax time, had to pass for now. But its definitely on my wish list!
  9. Lovely! Congrats! What is the color of the leather dear? Gris mouette?
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  10. Yup! Happy with this color. There is a reason why they use chevre and epsom only in this relaunch reseries.. more wear resistant..

    Love to see more of us on the streets. So far yet to see anyone else using it..
  11. Should i take the plunge?

    Rouge vif ostrich verrou mini chaine
  12. Yes you should get it. If red works for you, it is awesome to have a red collection in a variety of skin.
  13. It's beautiful!
  15. I love the red, but If you are not used to the pimpled surface, then don't.
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