Verrou bag

  1. Anyone seen the Verrou in a clutch being released yet? I saw a rose lipstick chevre being sold by reseller?
  2. I did get it.. in Gris mouette. IMG_1485301117.245831.jpg
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  3. I was in the boutique yesterday asking about the verrou. In the 21, I saw jaune d'or, blue sapphire, trench, rouge tomate, black. There will be etain, orange, and gris mouette. All in epsom. There is a clutch, not the 21 or chaine, but an actual clutch. Maybe the size of an iPad and 3 inches thick. It was black, chèvre, I think. I saw the chaine in jaune d'or, lipstick, either hydra or zanzibar, rouge tomate, a rusty suede, gray suede, and an orangish ostrich. The inside construction is great. The main compartment is not divided, but there are four pockets plus a snap pocket inside and a slip pocket on the back of the 21.
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  4. IMG_1485721929.520124.jpg IMG_1485721943.321945.jpg IMG_1485721954.687190.jpg IMG_1485721966.508334.jpg
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  5. Madison windows. There were many more inside.
  6. Thank you for reviving this thread. I've always been fascinated by the Verrou but have passed on the two I have seen in person as it's really not for me. But I do love seeing pix of it.

    Here is a pic I saved from Real Housewives Miami of a croc verrou elan clutch verrou real housewife miami.jpg
  7. The clutch is on sale. There was one in the window and one downstairs.
  8. Wow I am loving the clutch styles!

    Do you guys have any idea if the elan (longer version) is still in production?
  9. I have been using the verrou 21. It is tough to close and open to take stuff out and it does have a lift when unlatched..but it is a head turner.. I had people both H and non H lovers asking me about the bag design and colour.

    Still haven't seen more people really carrying it.. but I am yearning for the clutch version in croc/ black box..
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  10. Thanks for the review. On balance, are you happy with the purchase? When are you using it? Day/night? Casual/dressy/formal? Thanks in advance!
  11. Absolutely stunning! Love this color and size. You have dressed it up very nicely.
  12. I use it for day, mostly with dressy-casual outfits. Yet to try in a formal setting..but for day use... getting stuff out of the bag is easy.. but locking it back.. takes longer then my other bags like roulis and constance, as I need to locate the small catch exactly before I bolt it back.
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  13. Thank you. That's exactly how I plan to carry it. I had assumed the lock would require patience when I bought it.