Verrou bag

  1. Agree 100% chevre blue hydra is the most beautiful color!
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  2. Yup..gris mouette.. !

    I love this style in chèvre too! But it only comes in PM! Will post pictures of what I tried in the store of the other colours soon.
  3. IMG_1485017871.720399.jpg

    Trench Verrou 21


    It was a struggle for me between Gris mouette Epsom vs Trench Epsom for the Verrou 21.


    If my iPhone 7 could fit into the Verrou chaine, I would have taken this Moutarde chevre!


    Other selections available at my home store.

  4. I was browsing the grey colour pics and came accross this beauty! It looks like epsom leather to me.
    I am not yet considering a verrou but this picture turned me on gris mouette. Such a fantastic, multifaceted grey!
  5. Out with another H admirer we saw another woman with the V on. I must say it's a statement, head-turning bag and will wow even in a a normally subdued neutral colour. The nod to deco witty-surrealism, the insider-only id as H and the sophistication is an absolute winner.
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  6. Does anyone know if the Verrou comes in gold hdw? So far I've only seen phw.

    I saw the bag in person last week but I just wasn't sold on the epsom leather on the 21.
    The model that I saw had an unflattering "lift" on the left side where there is no closure.
    I couldn't get over that so I decided to wait it out and see if another model comes. It almost looked like a defect.

    I wish they would make 21 model with chevre as well I didn't see this happening on the smaller chain models made with chevre leather.
  7. I was told at least for the chain version phw only
  8. I have loved this bag forever. I turned down the black box clutch version a couple of years ago because I simply don't use clutches. It hurt to do so! I remember that it also had that strange lift that you are talking about. At the time I thought if it had a strap, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I can't wait to try this when it comes to my store but the epsom is leaving me cold, I'm thinking it will keep me from purchasing once again. Box, chèvre, swift or ever color would be a winner for me.
    Can someone please show a picture of the 21 cross body and post the length of the strap?
  9. [​IMG]
    Here is a pic of the verrou 21 from the Denmark Hermes website. They dont list the length of the strap but from the picture Id gauge a strap drop of around 40 cm, which is not enough to allow for cross body carrying.

    I think the verrou would certainly look awesome in a smooth leather like box or barenia (that would be drool worthy!). I also see what you mean by the unattractive lift - this is why epsom is not an H leather I like. Its almost plasticky nature means it tends to stick up in unexpected places.
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  10. IMG_1485134350.667333.jpg

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  11. IMG_1485134417.725849.jpg

    I saw this on earlier., was hesitating but it was since purchased. Hope the buyer is a member here cos it has since been removed!

    This is beautiful!
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  12. My Homestore has one in chaine version in permabrass, blue agate chevre.

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  13. I'm wondering if, a 21 cm verrou bag with a kelly top handle and shoulder strap, would be a better design. what do you think?
  14. In my personal opinion, the flap in this bag is proportionally too large for a handle to look aesthetically balanced. Handles balance out the emptiness in the second half of bags such as totes and briefcases. Flap bag styles, where the flap takes up half or more of the bag's frontal area, look better with long chains. A handle on such a bag (the verrou, the chanel flap, the constance for instance) would make the design too crowded, I believe.
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