Verrou bag

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  1. Okay now I am officially obsessed. Have been looking for the larger size black Medor clutch but I got my new Harpers Bazaar for one layout is a (presumably) Hermes black clutch. The leather looks smooth (box?) and there is a sliding bolt lock. I don't know if I can get a picture, but I am truly obsessed! I think the graphic only read "Clutch, Hermes" so that wasn't very helpful. Anyone know what I am talking about? Any idea as to price?
  2. Jet?
  3. I do, it's new, and I don't know the name, but an SA will. I saw a Specially Ordered one of these in Sanguine croc. OMG, it was gorgeous. If I can think of the name I'll post it asap. Sorry to be so dumb, but ITA that this is a gorgeous bag with a very cool closure.
  4. Verrou Elan Clutch:flowers:
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  5. aha!! Thank you Julide! And I guess I was wasn't smooth leather, eh? Shows how the memory is:lol: General price category? (though I can always get that from my SA, now that I know what I'm asking for). Heading to LV next week; might be on the lookout for one!:smile:
  6. I'm sure it comes in box. This was the only pic I could find to show you. But I have seen it in Box. I was looking at one in Paris earlier this week!:P
  7. Here is mine in box and I love it! It was 4825. US pre tax in 2009.
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  8. It's soooo gorgeous! That off-center closure! :love:
  9. Tdf!!!!
  10. A must - have!! Fierce!
  11. O love it. Truly amazing and a quite rare find.
    Anybody having pictures of it in colors other than black?
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    I die. That. is. perfect. I need it! Well, knowing that it's been around since 2009, does that mean it's no longer in stores? I find that odd that they would feature it in a recent issue, but the HB editorial was all about 'timeless pieces that last'. Wonder if I can still get one in store?
    Encore Hermes--that is so super chic! Enjoy it and would love to see a pic in action! Do you have dimensions? I love me a big clutch.
  13. I talked to FSH about this bag it will be in stores for holiday season.

    EH:faint:Love your bag!! Amazing!!:ps:
  14. Time for an (early) holiday present... yes. yes. Julide, thanks for enabling me! :yahoo:
  15. Thank you very much!! I haven't heard that it has been discontinued and will measure it when I get home and let you know the length but it is long (ish) like a kelly cut.