Veronika's humble, but growing bags family!

  1. I finally decided to post my bags! I hope later on I'll have more items to show! I made inscriptions on pictures, hope it's possible to read them. Anyway, here are:
    1. all bags.
    2. designer items (2 bally, 1 Chloe, 1 LV, ! balenciaga).
    3. non-designer, various sources.
    4. tote for beach.
    5. evening purses (1 of set with a top).
    Hope you'll enjoy! And I promise some updates soon, as there are a lot of purses on my wishlist!

    Note: I also plan to post pictures with my bags in action asap!
    my bags.JPG designer.JPG non-designer.JPG beach tote.JPG evening bags.JPG
  2. Hey! Nobody likes my bags??? I do not have any opinions for my post:cry:. Well, any way, I want to post how I use this or that bag, so an outfit picture for each bag. Tell me please if it's a good idea! Hope at least someone will like it!
    betty and me.JPG with bally.JPG with clutch.JPG with evening bag.JPG
  3. Very nice collection! I wish I have a body like you.
  4. Nice collection! I especially like the two Bally bags. I think it's a good idea to have gotten a non-designer white (or light colored) bag--if it gets dirty it's not quite as big a deal.
    You look great wearing them in those pictures. :supacool:
  5. Beautiful collection...and you wear them very well! :yes: I especially love the Balenciaga and evening bag!! :love:
  6. I love the variety!!!

    And man!! You know how to put them with the right outfit!!! LOL... I think that the bags make my jeans look better. ;)

    Great bags!!
  7. very nice variety.
  8. Beautiful collection! I especially like the Chloé and the balenciaga!
  9. beautiful collection and they look beautiful on you!
  10. Hi, Veronika! Your collection isn't humble at all--it's a good size and beautiful! You look like a model wearing your bags. I like that you include the "no brand" bags, too--you have some nice ones. the Bally and Balenciaga are especially nice, but all are good. thanks for sharing.:flowers:
  11. Cool collection! :biggrin:
  12. Hi Veronika, nice collection!! I love your Damier Speedy especially. You look so good in the pictures, the one with the scarf and sunglasses you look like a model!
  13. you have a fabulous collection!
    and you look fabulous too! :yes:
  14. You look great with your bags!
  15. Thank you everyone! You are so nice!