Veronica Mars

  1. Sigh, I'm so mad now..the show is on a "spring break" until May 1st. Then there will be another 6 episodes and that's it.
    I can't believe they're having another long break, they just HAD one. Arrgh.
  2. Haha. I thought I was the only one who thought Veronica and Weevil should have had a fling! Lol. :p
  3. it's on a break for two months??? :wtf: noooooooo!!!!

    i liked this episode. nice little twist, i thought he was dodgy from the very beginning but then i sort of forgot about him. the phone bug sort of gave it away though.
  4. I totally wanted her and Weevil to hook up. I thought Weevil was hot the first 2 seasons. This season he looks a little bloated, but he's still cute.
  5. ITA.
    Sigh. I feel like we just came back off of the winter break. Ugh.
  6. ^^^What is going on? I love this show. I am so sad. This is like the 3rd show by Rob Thomas that hasn't done well that I've been in love with. Have anyone ever seen Cupid? That was a Rob Thomas show and I totally :heart: it.
  7. I think ratings wise VM is doing quite well, I don't know why they only renewed it for 18 episodes though! I will miss it on Tuesday nights :sad: I wonder when we'll hear if it was renewed for season 4.
  8. Bumping. Love this show so much. I don't care if it's going downhill.
  9. whatev, im still watching!
  10. ohh why?
  11. it's back :yahoo:

    i don't remember what happened with the phone bug :shame: i'll re-watch and let you know if that's what you were asking.. he probably knew something too soon.

    so who spotted piz on GA?
  12. It was a great was almost like it went back to how it was in High School...especially with all the references....

    And they kissed!!! and Logan saw!!! OOh, the DRAMA!!! Love it :yes:
  13. The Logan / Piz love triangle! I love it. Has this show been cancelled for sure?
  14. nothing's official yet..
  15. I sure hope not, this is the one bright spot on my Tuesday nights! For one, it doesn't get enough exposure. People think CW is strictly for young teens and that's it. But it's definitely not...I do wish the show was on a more well-known network.
    But I'm so annoyed with the Parker/Logan, Veronica/Piz thing. Veronica and Logan belong together and that's that. Lol.