Veronica Mars

  1. I am totally obsessed with this show guys... Season 2 has just begun here... and its at 10.30pm on a Friday :Push: I actually stay home on purpose just so i can watch it.... oh how i :heart: :heart: :heart: Logan Echolles.... he is soooo damn hot!!!! I think i need to buy the box sets from Amazon!! :supacool:
  2. I haven't watched the last 2 seasons but I'm going to try to watch season 3, if I like I'll go to the store to rent/buy the other 2 seasons. The new season starts October 3 for me.
  3. have fun waiting MZVTEC, last weeks episode wasnt on and next weeks wont be either due to the NFL or football or some sport thing (can you tell i dont follow it?) yeah i love the show but im runnin gon empty right now! dont know if i cant last another week
  4. i can't wait for it to start again! but i'll be umm not downloading it since we won't see it for months and months in europe..
  5. This is a great show. The producer, Rob Thomas, had another great show as well called Cupid which I LOVED. He does great TV.
  6. It is a great show... and I feel like no one watches it! I'm excited for it to start October 3!
  7. i know manolo!!! stupid AFL finals :sad:

    im gonna buy the box sets off Amazon because i cannot wait any longer..

    haha dont worry blue824, i seriously thought i was the only person that watched this show as well.... oh well.... all the more Logan for me
  8. my friend downloaded the episodes, i totally dont agree with this, (aside from the fact that its illegal) its in such bad quality, i want to enjoy watchign the shows i love and the anticipation is worth it! I feel the same about DH Movies, thats why io refuse to dowload the devil wears prada, ive been waiting all year for it i want to go to a cinema (hopefully gold class) and sit down relax and enjoy it! i dont know just my opinon
  9. it's not always bad quality, sometimes it's a bit shoddy and sometimes it's great. i enjoy it either way. i'm just impatient, i buy the dvds of nearly everything i download eventually anyway so i don't feel too guilty about it. and if the itunes music store allowed people outside north america to download from there i'd even pay for it but they don't :mad:
  10. i absolutely loved season 1 & 2 of veronica mars and i have high hope for season 3... but so far.. it's still dragging a little bit..

    i guess the big mystry of this season is the rape??

    i am still a little iffy :hrmm: about logan and veronica but i gues they are suited for each other.. they were pretty damn hot together toward the end of season 1!! :drool:

    i really hope they get that chemistry back or else for veronica to find a hot hot hot new bf!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  11. One of my fav shows. Just got done watching tonights ep actually.

    yeah, I think the mystery this season is the serial rapist. I do think season 1 & 2 was paced better, but so far I'm enjoying this one. I sometimes think it's difficult for these shows when their characters go from high school to college. Hopefully, it will pick up speed in the next few weeks.

    And, I just love Veronica and Logan. Didn't really care for her and Duncan together. There's something about Logan that I just love:love: I still love that moment in season 1 when he first kissed her on the hotel balcony. Swoonworthy! :heart: I can't wait to see what happens when his brother is integrated into the story.
  12. OMG... I KNOW!!!!! :balloon: i totally was jumping up and down when that happened!!! (i watched season 1 & 2 on dvds so it was a WAY better experience... being able to just see what happens next instead of waiting for a week) i am totally waiting for another moment like that to happen... :graucho:

    logan's half brother seems like a really nice guy.. maybe he can give logan some direction in life...

    and yeah i thought duncan was kinda.. bleh... he just has no character...

    i am also interested in seeing how weevil gonna turn out... i hope something good tho.. 'cuz he really is a good guy deep down... :supacool:
  13. yeah, that kiss on the balcony, I saw it when it aired and I must have watched my tape ten times. I just couldn't believe it! Still my favorite moment from the show.

    Logan's brother seems like a nice, normal guy. And Logan seems the moment. I'm hoping he'll be a good influence on Logan.

    I agree. Duncan was just so bland. Compare the characters of Logan and Duncan and Logan is far more interesting to watch.:yes:

    Weevil. I love Weevil too! Love that Veronica tries to help him. So sad that her dad had to fire him though.:sad: He seemed like he really liked working for her dad, but I love that she got him a job at the university so he wouldn't be carted off to jail. Did you know the actor that plays weevil, his great granddad (or something like that) is Frank Capra? I thought that was an interesting bit of trivia.
  14. omg! tonight's veronica mars was so good!!! :nuts:
    we finally know who's been raping those girls!

    unfortunately i missed the first 10 mins... can someone tell me what happened? why did logan broke up with veronica?
  15. I also watched tonight's ep! Loved it! Logan broke up with Veronica cause he was saying something about not being able to live up to her expectations, and I guess he always gets worried about her snooping around. I want to know what happens next episode! They didn't have the preview this time. :sad: