Veronica Mars' Bag

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    Anyone know a brand name or a similar version of either one of these bags? Sorry to keep asking, but you guys are always really helpful:smile: Thanks in advance!
  2. Def not the same bag, but this one has a similar "studs on black leather" vibe going on:
    Here's the link
  3. Would a fan-made replica suffice? The replica looks like it's quite good quality, and since the bag used in the show was from Nordstrom's (?) seasonal line, your best bet to get an original would probably be to stalk eBay.
  4. I got a purse designer on to custom make me the black bag from the third season of Veronica Mars and it looks identical!!! It cost me $175 but it's real leather and exactly like the one on the show, also really great quality.

    Here's her link: (karenkalashnik is her store name on
    il_570xN.282051485.jpg il_fullxfull.282177326.jpg