Verona PM vs Trevi PM

  1. I have the Verona MM and love it. I actually think it's dressier than the Trevi. You should definitely try them both on to see which suits you better.
  2. Ditto.. Was at the mall with Verona GM today and receive lots of compliments :smile:
  3. I have neither but Trevi is on my list as the next bag to get
  4. One more vote for Trevi :smile:
  5. I love my trevi! Mine is pm size and I've been carrying it non-stop lately.
    As much as I wanna switch it to a different bag, I just can't, I miss it too much when we're apart!! lol

    I have been getting lots of compliments from strangers. That also makes me not wanna switch to different bags!! :smile:
  6. I love both, but own the Verona PM that I really love. I think it depends on how much you need to carry and how important it is for you to be able to wear the bag comfortably over your shoulder. I seldom wear my Verona on my shoulder, usually in the crook of my arm or hand-held, although I like knowing that I can put it over my shoulder if I need to. Also it fits everything I need, but if you need to carry anything bigger, then it might feel to small. I feel like I could actually use both bags, for slightly different functions. I would never carry a Trevi to dinner, for example, because in my opinion it is too big for that, but as a day-time bag it's great. On the other hand, my Verona can be carried both day and night, which in my opinion makes it more versatile. Lately I've been toying with the idea of buying a strap for my Verona for those occasions when I need it to be a bit more practical, mostly when out and about with my toddler. I think it would work fine with a strap, too.
  7. How/where would you attach the strap?
  8. Just across, one snap one one side, the other on the other, sorry difficult to explain, but if you've seen Speedies being carried with straps, the same thing, basically. I've done this with my Saleya PM and it works pretty well - and of course I would just take it off, when I did not need it. It is not a perfect solution, but a workable one.
  9. I got it - snap on the handle rings, cross ways. I can see how that would work. Wish the Verona came with rings on the outer sides so the purse would hang evenly. I love the Verona, but love straps. I finally got a Speedy because it now comes with straps (Idylle Fusain). I vote for Trevi but either are beautiful!
  10. Definitely Trevi Pm.
  11. trevi
  12. Thanks everyone for your input. I went for the TREVI PM!

    Its such a cute bag! The shape and curves are too beautiful. I did a thorough check of the bag before I got it! The first one that the SA brought out from the storeroom was squished on of end - the curve was caved in...

    The second one was perfect! The curves and pleats were in the right places!

    Do you check your bags before buying?

    After my purchase I noticed a lady with the a trevi pm in selfridges, the ends of her bag was caved in and the pleating was terrible... I don't know if its because it was sold like that or perhaps she does not look after them???
  13. for someone 5ft the PM Trevi would be the correct size the GM is HUGE can't decide any suggestons
  14. I tried the GM in store it is like luggage! I know that some petite girls wear GM though. I guess its down to preference! PM is a very good size!
  15. Congrats!!
    I've had my trevi for a while and now it's so much softer and pleating are just where I like without fixing them.
    I did check when I bought it (cuz I am very picky when it comes to my new Louie!) and it was just okay...but I didn't have that much option since the store was out of everything at the time...
    But when I have enough things in the bag, the pleating and ends are perfect.
    When I don't have enough in it(which almost never happens though! lol ) the bag looks little -off- to me. Specially when I carry it on the shoulder when it's empty, it's flat and I don't like it!!
    Keep your trevi full, it will stay beautiful!! ;)