Verona PM vs Trevi PM

  1. I like the damier ebene canvas as its pretty much worry free. I have the tivoli pm and loved it for the pleats and curves!

    The verona PM and Trevi PM have caught my eye. Which one should I get?? :p

    Does anyone own these bags? Tell me what you love about them! :smile:
  2. I don't own the bags but I like Trevi better. I think it is more versatile. Good luck deciding!
  3. I own the Verona GM and I love the bag. The Verona is supposedly a cross between the Tivoli and the Trevi. I also was deciding between the two and made the difference for me is the Verona is a little lighter in weight than the trevi when empty. I guess what will really matter is the additional strap if that's important to you.
  4. I just got back from Paris and fell in love with the Trevi PM! Verona was actually one of my choices but when my sweet SA showed me the Trevi, the decision was made! I love the shape and it fits my purpose perfectly (hand-held, carried on the arm, carried on the shoulder).
  5. I have and love the trevi! It´s the perfect everyday bag that holds a large amount of items. It has such beautiful detailing and it it´s just such a feminine and classy bag!
  6. TREVI!
    Hands down!
    I was actually thinking of buying this bag as well.
    But then i decided to go with the classic one(ebene spedy, duh!)...I just want to wear my bags forever!
    But between trevi and verona...i say deff Trevi!:smile:
  7. i have the verona pm and i love it so much! it's gorgeous and light and fits all my essentials. i can see so many ladies turning their heads on my purse when i carry it. :p trevi is so common IMO and also, i heard that it is quite heavy so you might want to try both IRL. good luck! :happydance:
  8. I have the Verona PM. It is my first and only LV bag, and I love it! It looks small from the outside, but it's so roomy... you will be surprised at how much you can fit inside the bag. The pleats are gorgeous, and the bag is not as common as the Trevi. Although I love the look of the Trevi PM, the Verona PM just looks so much more elegant in my opinion. :smile:
  9. Trevi!
  10. Verona- if you plan to use a lot and don't put too much and Trevi if you're looking for a dressy bag to use once in a while. I have the Verona and I love it!:flowers:
  11. Verona for sure. The Trevi looks too much like a doctor's bag to me.
  12. I vote Trevi!!! It's my one and only LV bag and I love it!!! I carry it as my every day bag to work and it can hold ally essentials and more! I love the strap! It's so comfortable and convenient! I also carry it handheld when I go out in the evening! It's just so pretty and versatile! You won't regret it! I also have never seen anyone else with it in real life so it's very unique where I am!
  13. I own both and prefer the Trevi. The Verona is a nice little bag, but I find that I can't carry it on my shoulder because of the wide base. The Trevi is definitely much more versatile.
  14. My vote goes for Trevi :love:
  15. Trevi PM.