Verona PM or Trevi PM... which would you choose?

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  1. Bagaholic boy has better shots of the Verona. I'm conflicted. The Trevi is an amazing bag... but every time I've tried to buy one the zipper seems wonky. I have yet to see one at the boutique with a perfectly straight zipper.

    The Verona has a few selling points: padlock (nice!), better shoulder straps, wider opening. But... it is a little plain? I keep going back and forth on this one.

    I know we won't really know until we see it IRL, but what are your thoughts on the two? If they were both priced equally which would you choose? Picture 43.png



  2. I like the Verona, but I think I like Trevi better...
  3. Trevi all the way baby! You can use it hand held/on your arm/on your shoulder and I love the pleat detail.
  4. ooooh, I'm going to be following this thread very closely :amuse:
  5. Hmm... I like the Verona more.. I like how its very similair to the tivoli, but still has that double-zipper going on. That's what probably sold me, that cute padlock and zipper.. very alma-like.
  6. ita
  7. You're right about that. I keep going back and forth on this. One one hand I'll save about $600 if I suddenly fall head over heels for the Verona ;)... on the other hand, the Trevi is beautiful from every angle. She's so lovely.

    The Verona has the double zipper (as mentioned) AND... according to bagaholic boy's description it has an exterior pocket on one end. Interesting.

    The full story is my DH got me a trevi for valentine's day.. and it (like pretty much every one I've ever seen) had a funny zipper situation going on.

    Yes... I'll be the first to tell you I'm super picky :sad: But I took her back to the boutique.

    Now I'm hunting her replacement and confused. Do I order one online and take my chances or search for something entirely different like the Brea or this Verona.

    Decisions decisions! :P
  8. Trevi PM
  9. Definetly Trevi, Verona is new and different and cute, but i think Trevi is much nicer looking and more versatile
  10. I really like the trevi but I wouldn't buy it. It doesn't look good on me when I tried it on my shoulder. I'm hoping that the verona will be a better fit.

    Just from pics alone, I have to say that the trevi looks better because of the pleats. However, I think that you can glam up the verona with a bag charm or scarf. It's like a hybrid between alma & tivoli.

    Why don't you wait until you can try both bags? It's only a few more weeks.
  11. I love that there is no hesitation at all! trevi wins by a landslide.

    Now I have to ask myself if I want to bring one back home or venture off into a whole new bag. Oh, if only I were able to buy EVERY bag I have a crush on!!!:blush:
  12. Mimster that's pretty smart thinking. I am terribly petite and even though the trevi PM is small, I wish she were just a pinch smaller on me. I tend to want to wear her on my shoulder with the regular straps (they fit) and am not a huge fan of the additional strap.

    Honestly, the price of the trevi always makes me pause. I could have a Brea or Verona AND an eva for the price. But then again... it is a Trevi.

    (btw: is that Bali in your avatar Mimster?)
  13. ^ It's Bora Bora. I'm 5'2 so the trevi pm doesn't seems to fit well on me. Even my SA thinks that if the bag is about 2 in smaller than it would be better. It is about 6inches deep so the depth doesn't work for me.
  14. We're similar in size. I'm 5'. There's something slightly large about it... it's ALMOST perfect.... almost. But I look at it sitting there and she's so beautiful! *sigh*
  15. I definitely plan on checking out the Verona IRL because I am on the hunt for a new Damier bag to replace my Hampstead that I sold here recently.

    I know soooo many people love the Trevi and while I think it is "pretty" I just can't make myself buy this bag, can't quite put my finger on it:confused1: The GM is so big and heavy, at least for me, the PM is cute but I'm not crazy about the small opening. If only there were a MM size then perhaps that might make the difference, even still just can't decide.

    The Verona is a little more plain than I had hoped, at least from the pictures. It doesn't appear to have that pizzaz or "wow factor." This is where I think the little brass plate really jazzes up the Damier. I don't like the plate on the Mono because, let's fact it, the mono print gets enough attention all by itself which is why I don't get why LV puts the big honking plate on the mono bags.

    I hope the Verona does look much better in person. It should be out March 1st right?