verona mm.. popular damier bags or not?

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  1. I've been wondering, why I didn't hear a lot about verona mm? Is it not as popular as the other damier bag? Why?
  2. It's is a unique bag but so beautiful. It was sold out on their website so it seems pretty popular.
  3. It is a newer bag. It is sold out on the web and many have never seen it IRL. I like the GM.
  4. I've seen this carried a lot in our area and it's so pretty. I saw the GM IRL and seems like the right size.
  5. Oooh.. So this bag is popular, I'm very interested with this bag, but I was wondering why I didn't hear a lot about it, and never saw anyone with this bag IRL.. Guess because it's still new.. Thk u so much for all the info, I really appreciate it :smile:
  6. According to my SA (and take it with a grain of salt as there are so many conflicting stories), the bag came out right before the French summer shutdown and now we have the shortage. I bought the Verona MM the day that it came out and then the store had no more in stock. I actually asked in the store if the bag was not popular as there were no other Veronas available. I love it and I think it is ultra-feminine style. I gets lots of compliments on the bag, especially from people who tend to shy away from Ebene.
  7. I bought Verona GM the day it came out. I LOVE it. I also have Trevi, and find they are completely different bags.

    Verona is very classy, and I love the large zippered opening.
  8. I don't own one, but I think it's a really cute bag. It's almost like a Damier version of the Tivoli, but different (if that makes sense). I don't see many around, but that would be a plus for me, since I don't like seeing too many people with the same bags as me.
  9. I went to lv and tried verona mm, finally :smile: it's a pretty bag, but somehow it's just not made for me, imo :sad: thk u for all ur responses, they helps a lot
  10. I tried the Verona GM when it first came out. As much as I love the bag, only one of the straps stay on my shoulder and it can become a nuisance. Other than that the bag is drool worthy.
  11. I'm not a fan of it. It's too chunky and stiff for me. It makes your arm stick out a lot.