VERO on eBay, how to sell my bags. Help!!

  1. Recently I tried to sell a few of my Chanel, Gucci, Fendi (etc- all authentic and brand name) purses on eBay and they were all taken down by VERO claiming that they could not tell if they were truly authenic and that I could not sell them. Does anyone know what to do in a situation like this? I really want to sell these purses and they are all in new, used maybe once, and they are definately authentic. Help...
  2. I just posted a similiar post as yours that asking advise about selling my bags on eBay and only got one responded. I just want to wish you luck and hope we can share our eBay experience. I never sell anything on eBay before. now I want to sell my bags too and hope can find new homes for them. Good Luck.
  3. Similar situation has happened to a friend of mine recently. He was a new ebayer (with only like 1 or 2 fb) when he started selling his designer bags. He fought it and emailed ebay about it and just relisted the bags with better photos (lotsa them), mentioning that he guarantee authenticity and so on, and so far so good.

    I think they just suspect that new ebayers selling designer bags are worthy of suspicions. Sad, huh? They better channel their energy somewhere else (i.e. the fake sellers that litter ebay all the time!).

    I think you should reply to ebay and complain as well explaining that you guarantee authenticity. It might also help if you authenticate the bags first at the stores or MP and mention this in your auctions. Also, put lotsa pictures that show the authenticity markings as well.

    HTH :flowers:
  4. I've been selling on ebay for almost 4 years. Being a complete bag addict, I have bought & sold ALOT of bags. I also have 100% feedback & am a powerseller. The other day, I had my Botkier Bianca satchel listed. AFTER the auction ended (it sold), I get an email from VERO stating that a representative of Botkier contacted & told them to remove my auction. I'm like what the !? My bag was absolutely authentic & I paid for it. It had all authenticity cards, etc.. I had every right to sell it should I want to. I think Botkier got steamed because I was taking a "sale" away from them. I was so mad I emailed Botkier & asked them to explain their "policy" about bags listed on Ebay. Was I not allowed to sell my own bags? What gives? I had sold probably 6 other Botkier bags in the past without incident. Well, I never got a response. I was an excellent customer. I've probably bought upwards of 10 Botkier bags, I love them. Since then, I have emailed them regarding matching wallets for the bags & they won't return my emails! I guess I'm on the Botkier "blackball" list:huh:

    Anyway, I'm not going to buy Botkier anymore because of this (as much as it pains me, I still love their bags..) but it's the principle of it. If they are going to treat their customers that way then there are plenty of other great bags I can invest in. Thanks for letting me
    vent! :shame:

    VERO OFTEN ends auctions with no basis. Many sellers have started putting a statement in their auctions like "VERO- do not end my auction. This bag is authentic." VERO has to end an auction if a representative contacts Ebay & tells them to remove an auction. They can use any number of excuses, It's not authentic, It's copyright infringement, etc.. The program is put in place to protect manufacturers & I understand that but I wish they would quit harrassing the few selllers that are good & honest & go after the THOUSANDS of clearly counterfeit bags listed on Ebay every day.
  5. I have been an ebay seller for awhile (RubinJewelers) and though I generally sell jewelry, I sometimes sell my handbags or clothing. It took me quite a long time to get a solid reputation of good selling practices and feedback. I've never had Vero end an auction of mine but I've seen it happen to seller friends that I knew were clearly selling authentic bags.
    1.) I highly suggest browsing the eBAY handbag forums for tips on selling. The posters there are very nice and offer great resources(Example: how to take pictures that will show important determining factors of authentic bags).
    2.) Take A LOT of pictures. Most people recommend atleast 6. You should have clear shots of all sides of the bag, zipper, locks and markings. You can also point out the reasons your bag is authentic ( I purchased it at...., The Chanel quilted squares line up perfectly....., I have authenticity cards...The leather is lambskin etc).
    3.) You should always state measurements, materials used, markings, authenticity documents you might have in the auction.

    I hope these help. :smile:
  6. This is so frustrating for me. VERO is taking away sales from me and I really need the money from these bags. ARG! Well thanks for all your advice, its been really helpful

  7. At the end, what do they achieve? Nothing! Botkier lose a good customer, while eBay also lose sales from a good seller. I guess they're the stupid ones at the end.

    When I listed my bj birkin, it was my first time selling Hermes. At the back of my mind, I kinda afraid that Vero will take my auction down. I dont sell much, but I have previous sales of authentic LVs, Gucci, and other designer bags. So, at the auction page, I put a disclaimer that I guarantee that the item I'm offering is an authentic Hermes piece, and that I'm not associated with Hermes, bla bla bla.

    They let it run till the end with no probs. I also put LOTSA pics.