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Mar 25, 2006
Hollywood, CA
I've never wanted a vernis...until now. The new fall 08 colors are beyond gorgeoous!!! I can't really decide on which I want. I do have an old vintage candy apple red vernis from waaaaay long ago, but the finish did not last the 90's and now it's quite dull and uninteresting. Back in the early 90's it was kind of hard to find such a lush candy-apple red bag though, so back then it was the bomb lol.

I am considering the Alma in the dark berry color (not sure of the exact pigment shade name) but it was simply luschious. My only concern is that the leather isn't very expansive and a bit more stiff than I like my bags. Does anyone have any additional info on the vernis and if the newer bags have more resilience than the older ones? tu! xoxo


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Aug 8, 2007
^indeed, an Alma in amarante is downright gorgeous and drool-worthy!! :drool:

the "stiffness" of vernis bag sorta depends on the interior lining of the purse. if it is cloth lining (like the Alma, the Reade PM, the Bellevue, the Brentwood, the Rosewood) then it won't be as stiff. If the inside lining is leather (like the Houston, the Bedford, the Spring Street) then it will be a bit more "stiff' and hold its shape more (at least initially). However in both cases, the vernis tends to loosen up with time (e.g. in the beginning when i got my pomme Houston the opening was a bit stiff, but now it's much better after i've used it a bit).

anyway, most of my LVs are vernis, i have only been collecting them for about a year but i have some bags that are around 10 years old, and they have really held up well IMO (can see pics, etc in my collection thread in my sig).


Mar 2, 2006
Actually, the Vernis line wasn't introduced until about 1998, so it was the late 90's and Rouge (the old red) was introduced in about 1999-ish. :yes:

But I know, I'm a huge fan of the Vernis line, they're gorgeous! My favorite styles are the Houston and the Brentwood for sure, they're great shoulder bags and they hold their shape really well. Also, it wasn't around for very long, but I love the Biscayne Bay GM-I have that in the Rouge and get so many compliments on it!
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