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  1. are they discontinuing the red ?
  2. I am not sure...
  3. I think I read somewhere in one of these thread that the red was going to be discontinued in the fall. I'm not positive though.
  4. thanks
  5. I liked it in the red.
  6. It has been discontinued. Some pieces are already impossible to get.
  7. Ugh! I LOVED the red. Maybe because it's my favorite color, but still... it was gorgeous! I was bummed when they discontinued the Bronze as well. So sad. Oh well, I hope it's replaced with something pretty! :smile:
  8. Yes it has been discontinued.
    Some stores have pieces...
    Last I heard there were only 12 red Vernis Cles in the USA stores.
  9. Yeah..the red is discontinued. I'm really happy with my Biscayne Bay in this color. I carried it today, in fact.
    Anyway, I think I've seen a couple of agendas at my store and you can SO a bucket that's on display but otherwise, I think it's pretty much gone now.
  10. that stinks :sad:

  11. why oh why did they do that the red is so hot!

  12. Red production is finished, but always ask "what's in the back?" I managed to score a huge purple reade way after it was finished.
  13. The red is so beautiful, I can't believe they're discontinuing it. I'm glad I got my red Cles when I did.
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