1. does anyone have any vernis pieces that would potentially get knocked around a lot (ie wallet, agenda)? how do they hold up? do you really have to baby it? i really like the vernis for small accessories but i'm paranoid about spending that much then ruining it. :smile:
  2. I have the french wallet in marshmellow. I think it holds up VERY well. I don't baby it at all, if anything it's abused but people are amazed that I've had that wallet for over a year now.
  3. I have a fuchsia porte tresor that I use every day and it's still as gorgeous as the day I got it. If you're worried about it, go for a darker color, such as the framboise or indigo. Or you might have to ebay it and try to find a bronze item. I've found that my bronze Ludlow stays beautiful no matter what, as well as the fuchsia, framboise and indigo pieces. I'd just stay away from the light colors, as I have the peppermint (light green) porte tresor and you really have to watch what gets set up against it or what color lining your bag has. My mom also has this wallet and she constantly used it in her white MC speedy, which has the raspberry suede lining. So the edges of her wallet are now a brownish color. Also, her marshmallow keycase turned a weird peach color. Overall the colors that fare well are:
    *Beige or Noisette

    Ones that don't fare well:
    *Marshmallow (it turns from a pretty pink to more of a peach)
    *Light Pink (the predecessor to the more recent Marshmallow)
  4. I love the vernis but it's so high maintenance, I have black leather seats in my car so I can't let it sit on my seat unless i have a white piece of paper or napkin underneath and behind it. I'm really cautious about the color transfers.
  5. I Have My Share Of Vernis....The Only Piece I've Had A Problem With In 6/7 Years Is My Silver Broome Wallet ~ It Got A Weird Dirt/Discoloring.

    I Don't Baby My Vernis (As I Stated In Other Posts, My SA Made A Big Deal, About The Care).
  6. Marshmallow does change color. I purchased a used multicles off ebay that didn't look too bad in pictures...but I was disappointed when it arrived. Also my Tambour Lovely Pink watch (which I wear almost everyday) has a Marshmallow Vernis's definitely more of a peach color now rather than pink.

    Fuchsia is a totally different holds up really well! Stick with the darker Vernis colors and you won't have anything to worry about!
  7. darker colors holding up well is good to hear since i'm only considering the framboise. yay! thanks ladies.

  8. after my perle cles, it will be the last time I get any small items in perle. I have a bit of a color transfer into the patented leather from rubbing the vernis against the lining of my epi pochette. The color is permanent and I was so upset when I first found out about it. Now it's okay, because I have "broken into" it. My other vernis items held up better.
  9. I ahve a vernis agenda in framboise which I carry with me all the time and it's not a problem!! I think the lighter colours do have some issues so I woldn't go for pearl or other light colours.
  10. I also have the vernis agenda in framboise and I haven't had a problem with it. I've had it for 3 months and it still looks great. I don't keep it in its dustcover or anything in my bag, it's just floating around :P I use it quite a bit since I carry credit cards and other stuff in there besides the agenda fills.
  11. i have a noisette billfold that i use everyday. it holds up very well! so far i only had trouble with these black specks that i dont know how they surfaced
  12. I have a fuchsia 4 key cles that I use for my car keys daily. Havent got a problem so far, and no I dont baby it. I also use my fuchsia french purse and pochette cles daily. I used to be a freak and put the duster over the wallet, but I stopped coz it's annoying me. So far, all are holding up very well.
  13. I have a Thompson Street, Spring Street and Mott in vernis. I don't care as much about knocking around with the SS or the Mott since they are a little more used with a little color transfer. I save the TS for special occasions since it's in pristine condition.