vernis zippy or french purse wallet??

  1. which one do you like better??? And which color...pomme or framboise?? thanks:smile:
  2. pomme vernis zippy!!!
  3. The vernis zippy for sure!! As for which color, I have both and :heart: them, but if I had to pick one, I think I'd pick the framboise!! :yes:
  4. pomme zippy !

    I heard that US Bills are hard to put in the French Purse. But I think the Zippy is way cuter anyway
  6. I love the french purse, its so elegant, and you could tuck a phone in and use it as a handy little day clutch. If I didn't get a ludow, I would have gotten the french purse, but I'm holding out for the amarante in a french purse.
  7. I own 3 french vernis french purses so I may be a little biased! :yes: My fave of the 3 is my new Framboise:heart: ! The other 2 are Perle and Marshmallow (discontinued). Framboise is such a pretty color but then again so is the Pomme (I have the Lexington & Cles in the Pomme and LOVE it, too!) What a tough decision you have! Whatever you choose will be gorgeous!:smile:
  8. pomme zippy is what i would go with
  9. I just got a pomme zippy so I'm gonna have to go with that. I read a lot of posts on here comparing all the different types of wallets and the zippy just won me over. I love the pomme because red is so me, but if you're more of a pink gal, go for the framboise.
  10. Framboise zippy :heart:
  11. Like the look of the Zippy, but the French Purse would be more practical IMO. Framboise!!!
  12. Pomme FP!
  13. vernis zippy...either color!
  14. Out of the choices you listed, I'd pick the Pomme vernis zippy.
  15. Pomme Vernis Zippy...I just got mine and I am in LOVE with it! It is the best wallet in the whole wide world!