Vernis with shimmer?

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  1. Please help! Which vernis has the most shimmer? The least? None?
    Because I just bought a rose indies cles from Fashionphile and am most disappointed as it has no shimmery undertones.

    I'm looking for pink and red specifically. And blues.
  2. Yup, I have the rose indien as well. It's flat without any shimmer but I still like it. The color that is out right now with shimmer close to ri but slightly darker is magenta. I think the red has shimmer as well.
  3. rose indien is a flat vernis color, no shimmer. if you want the shimmer, you will have to look for some of the older vernis color. example: for pink: framboise or rose pop. red: pomme or griotte. blue: bleu lagon?
  4. Thank you both.
    Does poppy have shimmer?
  5. Pomme has gorgeous shimmer. All Vernis used to have shimmer, then LV created some flat colors. I'm not a fan. The shimmer gives it that extra glam! You can return your item if job aren't satisfied. Fashionphile gets Pomme Cles' fairly regularly.
  6. Magenta has a little shimmer. I have it in the Clemence wallet. I have a Pomme cles that has shimmer, but sadly Pomme is discontinued. I've seen the poppy and I really don't see much shimmer, but it's in the boutique so maybe a little? The new blueberry color is coming out in vernis in June (what I was told) and it may have a shimmer.
  7. I like the indien rose enough that I'll keep it, but I do still want something with shimmer. I think I'd like magenta. I like the look of the Pasadena, but I'm not sure if I want that much of a bling.
  8. Hi! I'm reviving this thread because im also curious about which vernis colors have shimmer currently. I'm specifically interested in getting a zippy coin purse. So does the current red (cherry) have shimmer in it? I was thinking of getting either the magenta, amarante or cherry if it still has shimmer. TIA!
  9. I have a RI Montana and am actually glad it has no shimmer because it's such a strong color any way.

    blues: *the Bleu Infini has shimmer, it's a dark rich navy, looks almost black in some light
    *the Grand Bleu is a royal-ocean blue and has some shimmer to it
    *you can check out the Bleu Nuit (teal blue) and the Bleu Lagoon (turquoise) also - i haven't seen those IRL
    *and there is the new Blueberry color too, it looks gorgeous on the web-site but you have to be careful going from just the LV site because the
    colors don't match up to what they look like IRL.

    reds: i haven't seen the Griotte (dark wine red), Rose Grenadine (red w/ pinkish tone) or the Cherry IRL but the Pomme has shimmer, it's a gorgeous apple red (one of my favorite vernis colors of all time).

    while most of the vernis colors do have shimmer to them i'm not sure one color has more shimmer than others, i just think they either have it or don't.
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  10. Thanks so much for your response! I ended up getting the magenta which has a slight touch of shimmer.
  11. good for you! the magenta is gorgeous and that shimmer is just so a bonus to the big wow of the color.