Vernis - which one to get?

  1. I have loved the Vernis line since it came out in the late 90's. I would like my next LV to be a Vernis. I will most likely get it in the Fall. Please help me choose between the Reade or Roxbury in Pomme.

    Here is what I currently own:
    - Mono Speedy 25
    - Mono Pochette Accessoires
    - Mono Pochette Wallet (got it last week yeah)
    - Mono Popincourt Haut
    - Mat Allston

    Here are what I like and dislike about the 2:

    Like - classic design, cheaper, less vachetta, cute and don't have to worry too much about color transfer as I will be very careful.

    Dislike - open top and can mostly use it for night outs.

    Like - snap closure (more secure), unique, hand held or shoulder bag. I can also use it for work.

    Dislike - maybe too big as I am only 5'3", more vachetta, more expensive, and I worry that the design may get out of style soon.

    Any feedback is much appreciated. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

  2. Definitely get the Roxbury in Pomme. You have the option of carrying it as a shoulder bag or a hand-held one, plus it has a snap closure to keep your items secure. I don't think the bag will be too big for you and I definitely don't think this bag will be out of style at all.

    My vote goes for the Pomme Roxbury! Good luck!
  3. I have both. I use the Reade more but I love my Rox more.

    Get the Rox. It is worth it!
  4. i vote reade. how about a cles too, it would look great against your speedy
  5. i vote for roxbury too... the design is better if u want to compare it with a reade. reade is nothing special. :p
  6. Thanks for all your feedback. You guys are not making my decision any easier. If only I can buy both, but then my DH will have a heart attack.
  7. You are giving me ideas.....:tup:
  8. Lol get a Rox for sure :yes:
  9. :tup: I will chose the Pomme Roxbury! :yahoo:
  10. why pomme roxbury and not amarante roxbury? lol...
  11. Roxbury in pomme (or Amarante).
  12. Pomme Rox, I wanted to love the Reade but it is just too darn small! It looks like something I would get for my 8 year old niece!
  13. I love my reade and use it alot more than just for going out. I vote for the Reade.
  14. I vote for the roxbury. I like the fact that it can be handheld or a shoulder bag and it's a unique shape.
  15. I would go for the reade, classis design, you can use it overday also!!