Vernis Wallets-- Too fragile?

  1. My bf bought me the Vernis Ludlow wallet in pomme for v-day and I love it! But my friend told me that she used to have the same wallet in framboise and when she put it in her chanel bag, the black lining of the bag transferred onto the wallet!! I have a vernis bag so I am aware of the color transfer issue, but I thought it was more things like magazines and sunlight that effected a color transfer/fading. Are the vernis wallets that fragile that I can't just put it in my bag without fear of a color transfer? I am thinking that I should maybe just return it and get something more durable. Thoughts?
  2. Nope, not too fragile at all! I have a fuchsia wallet that I've used for a couple of years and have had no trouble with the color at all.
    You should be fine with the Pomme since it's darker.
    I'm kind of surprised about the Framboise wallet your friend had. That sounds like more of a lining problem in the bag than the wallet being too fragile.
  3. I have both the Pomme and the Framboise and haven't had any problems at all. I've used them in my Chanel bags - black and silver, and my green and brown Chloe bags without any color transfer issues at all. I'm not sure what happened to your friend's wallet. I love my wallets and use them every day. I agree with Lvbabydoll - the Pomme should be better since it's darker.
  4. I just got my Pomme zippy wallet today to use for my Pomme Brentwood. Good thing the inside of the bag is red so there shouldn't be any problem of color transfer there; plus it's such a dark color so I'm assuming, from what I've read in other posts about vernis, that I won't have any trouble with this darker color.

    I'm wondering if your friend's bag lining was the culprit....
  5. so no need to put the wallet in a dustbag before I put it in my bag? That's what my friend recommended! That seemed a little silly to me since I usually just throw my wallets in my bag! This is great guys, I am getting reassured. Any other experience with vernis wallets?