vernis wallets...eye candy or practical??

  1. I'm about to take a trip to LV today to purchase a vernis zippy wallet in framboise...but I keep it more eye candy that practical?? What if it gets dirty in a week...$700 ouch!!! I mean how long will it last looking good??? I just don't know..never had a vernis item before. so confusesd :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. I think you'lll be okay as long as it isn't a light vernis. I have a new ludlow so I can't say much, but I plan on storing it in its dustbag while in my bag. The girls here say vernis is really resistant and durable, so I say go for it!
  3. ^^Plus I've seen PEARLE pieces here that girls use on a regular basis and it looks as good as new.
  4. yup, some pp use vernis agenda daily for years w/o having trouble, i guess it all depends on how you 'use' the wallet, go for it!
  5. I thought the same thing, I've only had mine for a couple days and I just love it though. I think it will be pretty durable as long as it's not a light color. The framboise should be pretty resistant.
  6. I have the same concern with the vernis wallet thats why I got the epi cos I would like to toss my wallet in to the bag (which looks like a jungle inside) and dont want the vernis leather to get scraped by keys or anything.
  7. They're very practical. I have one main one that I use a lot in the fuchsia color, which even after being used for about 3 years is still gorgeous. Then I have a couple that I don't use AS often like my peppermint PTI and the bronze Ludlow. The peppermint is a lot more susceptible to color transfer but if you get a color now like the framboise or pomme, you should be fine.
  8. eye candy or practical?? Both! I think if you get a dark color, red/pomme/indigo you'll be ok. I would be more worried about getting a light color and having color transfer.
  9. I currently have Pomme and Indigo wallets in Vernis and no problems at all. The darker vernis colors hold up really well and will only get color transfer if you put them down on newspaper print or something like that.

    Go for the vernis -- it's so pretty!
  10. i use a framboise wallet and it looks great. eye candy for sure, but i t is holding up great!
  11. Oh man, I really struggled with this recently too - I bought the Pomme D'Amour Zippy Wallet and took it home, held it, fondled it, and then after some careful thinking I decided to return it :sad: .. I pined over it for a week LOL .. I bought a Damier Organizer Wallet instead for now because I decided I didn't want to be worrying so much about it and am getting a Duomo handbag which has a very tight opening and am worried about the vernis getting scratched going in and out of it with heavy usage. I may be wrong but I dont want to be worrying about it as much as I was going to. I think may get an agenda in vernis though, I expect I will be accessing it a bit less.

    I think there's personal choice and a judgement call on this one, the vernis are the most gorgeous wallets and I may get another at some point but doubt I'll have one as my everyday wallet.
  12. Hi, im also concerned like you because I purchased recently a PTI wallet peppermint in the VERNIS. I have noticed cahnges already :sad:. Im so bummed, I also owe an agenda in vernis color Marshmellow. many changes as well. very bummed, but that does not take away their beauty.
  13. to be safe, i keep my vernis koala and cles in their dustbags in my bag :smile: but i love them to bits! the leather is amazing.
  14. I use either my framboise or my pomme koala almost every day - and they're holding up terrifically! They're both stunning and sturdy. I usually don't let my keys roam around too much inside my purse, but I don't worry about it either.
    You're going to love your framboise zippy!
  15. Maybe if I had a lighter color vernis, I might use dustbags inside my bag. But personally, I just can't live like that. Too much trouble. I already feel like I take a long time at the register, putting my cc's and money away! :shame: I have the pomme koala and I just toss it into my problem. I love it! I have my pomme cles attached to my bag as a charm, and it looks perfect! Both vernis pieces get a little smudgy with fingerprints just from normal handling, but they easily wipe clean and look brand new. I was a little worried about purchasing vernis for my everday wallet, but it really is more durable than you'd think.