Vernis Wallet

  1. Hi, I want to buy a vernis koala wallet or something to hold my credit cards in the color Noisette. I tend to put smaller wallets into my jean pockets. Will there be any rubbing off of the color? Thanks
  2. I can't actually imagine you could get a koala into jeans pockets, but...I would be careful nonetheless. The darkness of jeans could cause problems -- I don't have any noisette myself (just marshmallow, peppermint, baby blue and indigo), but I think a good rule of thumb for all vernis is to be careful of the sun (fading) and other items in your purse (color transfer). If you are careful, vernis can hold up pretty well! Good luck!
  3. i agree! the vernis is a little harder to maintain and the koala wouldnt fit the back of your jeans. you definitely wouldn't want to ruin a $$$-worth wallet!!

    why not try something in mono, damier or epi? the ludlow is definitely smaller and would probably fit in your back pocket but would only fit 2-3credit cards, a few bills and coins.
  4. i don't think its hard to maintain at all. as a matter of fact, i love it and don't think there would be any rub off unless the jeans were indigo or something.