Vernis wallet - help me pick a colour

  1. I have always loved this line, I just think it is pretty.

    Now the Pomme d'amour colour is out and I am thinking about a wallet.
    do I go with the pommed'amour or noisette?

    Anyone familiar with either color please chime in..
    I have 3 LV handbagsI would use it with:
    1. Damier Alma
    2. ManhattanGM
    3. IpanemaPM
  2. Hands down the pomme d'amour! You will love it!
    I have Damier and Monogram bags as do you and it looks smashing used with both!
    Go for the color!:drool: :love:
  3. :yes: :yes: :drool:
  4. I agree! Pomme d'amour!
  5. Pomme D'Amour, of course! It will add a beautiful 'pop' of color inside your traditionalist handbags. Noisette is pretty, but that would be whole lot of browns/neutrals.
  6. Pomme d'Amour..! It's more outstanding... :yes:
  7. Of course, pomme d'amour!!!!
  8. Another Pomme lover here!
  9. I pick apple of love!!!
  10. Pomme absolutely!
  11. Pomme d'amour!! I agree that the rich red would look stunning against Damier.
  12. pomme d'amour:heart:
  13. Pomme d'amour....IMO the vernis looks a lot better in brighter colors. Hence the reason I only have one beige piece lol.
  14. Pomme d'amour or framboise!!! :love:
  15. Pomme d'amour :love: