Vernis Wallet - Coin stains?

  1. I just got a vernis french purse (the last piece I needed to complete my Framboise wishlist). I want to make this my daily wallet - but I am worried about stains from coins. My favorite part of the french purse wallet is the large coin purse but now I am scared that the muck on money will stain my beautiful item.

    I have a Monogram charms fushia leather wallet that hasn't stained at all after being my main wallet for over a year. I am hoping my vernis will be the same, but I know the material is much more delicate on the vernis. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
  2. i don't have any light colored vernis but i have been looking thru eBay for a "cheap" one. I've seen 2 framboise items with coin stains so i think it is proned to staining but i think i read somewhere on here that one pfer here puts like a folded paper in the compartment so that the paper is in between the leather and coins.
  3. I had that wallet, but since sold it, and yes the coin pocket will get dirty. There is no way to avoid it, unless you dont use it.
  4. That is a shame. I really want to switch to using this wallet. I have used shining monkey on the leather straps of my monogram bags - I wonder if it is safe to spray on the inside leather of the vernis pieces. . .
  5. I have this in indigo and don't use the coin part for coins. you could try shining monkey I didn't think of that!
  6. it'll stain... especially the lighter colors. No one will look at the inside of the coin compartment though...
  7. If you love the wallet, use it - thats what it was made for! A good cleaning with baby wipes would probably keep the dirt from the coins from getting too bad.
  8. ITA, Baby wipes or Magic Eraser should be help the stains :smile:
  9. I just have a vernis cles (framboise), it's been a year now, and I have no problems with coins.
  10. Just use it and enjoy it. Congrats!!
  11. My sentiments exactly.

    However, I do have a few tips:
    I line my coin compartment with credit cards. For example, I have a Ludlow and put a credit card against the front and back walls of the coin compartment and then keep the coins in the middle. It makes the coin compartment pretty tight. But I noticed you have a FP so I imagine that you would have space to line the compartment.
    My second tip is to line one side and just be sure to clean the compartment regularly. Finally, watch the coins you put into the wallet, as well.
  12. Yup, it happens no matter what, it's unavoidable. It's meant to be used. :yes:
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    I know this is an old post but I know some people avoid staining of coin compartments entirely by putting a Ziplock bag the same shape as the compartment in it and putting the coins in that? In the same way, some people also use Ziplock bags to store notes as well.

    This YouTuber shows her wallet in this purse vlog and how it's done.

    I also use ziplocks to line my handbag makeup bag in the same way and for any other things that are dirty or likely to spill (food, old food wrappers, my eye drops, perfume, sunscreen etc.) in my handsbags/purses to avoid spillage. I had to clean spilled perfume out once (although the bag still looks good and smells nice years on :smile: ) so I err on the side of caution.