vernis vs epi wallet

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  1. hi guys!
    i just found this wonderful site now!! I should have searched b4 i get my wallet..! lol
    my hubby bought me vernis amarante zippy wallet a few days ago, i know it's gorgeous and so beautiful, however, the leather looks so fragile, i mean maybe because of the glossy surface, it looks easy to get scratched or stabbed.. (my tivoli GM got stabbed when it's been only few days..:graucho:)I'm a careless person and toss everything in my neverfull such as keys, my 2 month old baby's trifling stuff, paper, etc. When i went to the store, i didn't even look other design, because i was sooo into vernis, but when im back home, I was kindda regret that maybe I should be more careful to choose the material...
    I know it's too late to change it, but I just wanna ask you all..
    should I have bought epi instead of vernis in terms of using it as everyday wallet?
    Im about to regret that I bought vernis without much thinking..

    please!! encourage me!!
  2. well, the reason I didn't get a vernis wallet is that:

    1. I am careless with receipts in my bag, and I knew there would be a transfer issue. But with Amarante, I think it is a dark colour, so you probably wouldn't see the transfer;

    2. I also have keys etc rolling around in my bag so I worry about scratches.

    If you are going to be careful, then keep the amarante wallet.
  3. then what did you get instead?
    do you think i can still change my wallet when I already put my cards in slots?
  4. I owned the vernis sarah wallet in perle and was in love with how gorgeous it was until the color transfer and if you're not careful you'll get little indents from it touching your keys, your fingernails or whatever. So I sold it after I had it for 2 years and I bought the epi noir zippy and I'm in love with it! You can't go wrong with Epi and since you got your vernis wallet in amarante, color transfer won't be a problem!
  5. I throw my Vernis Zippy into my bag all the time with keys (I know, I'm naughty!) and it's fine after a year of everyday use; I keep the receipts in my wallet so there's no issue with colour transfer. My wallet's my workhorse - I didn't buy it to baby it - and it looks as good as the day I purchased it, fingerprints notwithstanding! I think you made a good decision. :graucho:
  6. The vernis in amarante is MUCH more durable than epi. Do a search on ebay of the vintage epi pieces. Yuck. blackened edges, wrinkled leather. Just horrible. My pomme vernis key holder is almost four years old, used daily and still looks brand new - thrown around everywhere, loose in my purse, on the ground, in the car - just batted all around. The Zippy in Amarante is gorgeous. There is no question between the two. I have a zippy in framboise vernis - which is much lighter in color, and it's still gorgeous.
  7. I had that dilemma too a couple of weeks ago. I chose the vernis zippy in RF! It's gorgeous compared to the epi. Looks won out. However, after using it consistently, I haven't been happier. No color transfer or scratches at all. The fingerprints don't bother me. Just wipe it with a cloth.
  8. I think Vernis is pretty. But I looooooooooove Epi. Epi is my favorite line LV ever made!
  9. I'm exactly the same. My vernis wallet looks just as good as the day I bought it. No scratches , dents, or color transfer. But if you are really worried and opt for the EPI I can say that it is super durable. I just retired my Epi agenda after 10 years of daily use.
  10. I think you should make a switch as it sounds like you need a wallet that is worry-free.
  11. I would go for a Vernis wallet myself. But if you really worried about it, I would say go for the Epi (:
  12. My vote is for Epi! So durable!
  13. Epi wallet.....for it's durability as it gets the most use.
  14. you made the right choice. I love my vernis wallet
  15. Vernis....Keys really don't do anything to it, i know i've thrown keys in with my pomme sarah, far i've been lucky :P

    as long as you wallet is a dark color, a vernis wallet is in my opinion, virtually indestructible....