Vernis Vert Bronze Alma

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  1. Does anyone have this bag and can share photos? Does this vernis color look more gray than bronze? From the LV website it's really hard to tell.:shrugs:

    I already have the Vernis Alma in Pomme and would like to have one in another color. Any opinions on this color?

    Thanks in advance! :tpfrox:
  2. It is like a metallic taupe-ish color. It is very pretty and a great neutral.
  3. There are a few photos floating around the forum. Try doing a search; I think I recall a Vert Bronze Alma being shown in the Vert Bronze Club.
  4. I have seen it IRL and it is really pretty. Sort of grayish
  5. I agree with beljwl! It's more greyish IRL...def u should check it out in the store if u could.
  6. Thanks everyone! This is exactly want I wanted to hear---that it is grayish!!! I live 2 1/2 hours away from nearest LV store and I would order it if I decide to get it.
  7. Sounds beautiful! Warmish olive undertone.... verses not a cool steel grey.
  8. Checked it out at the boutique IRL & Yes, just like everyone said, more greyish than bronze. Subtle and can definitely be worn as a neutral.
  9. It is pretty, I bet Vernislover will have it or has it!!! It is a great looking bag.
  10. I agree! The alma is stunning!
  11. I agree!
  12. It is a lovely colour:smile:
  13. It's a beautiful color!
  14. know my answer :P...vert bronze is a lovely neutral and def great w black.