Vernis Vanity GM

  1. What do you think, can it be pulled off as a purse? And if anyone has one, could you please post pictures of you carrying it?
  2. I don't really think I'd use it for that, it's quite boxy. Mon has some pics of her with hers, I'll find that thread for you.
  3. It's a generous boxy piece of luggage, so personally, I couldn't pull off carrying this like a handbag. But then, if you travel alot, you probably could. It's so stunning though, the pomme reminds me of candied apples....yummm!
  4. I dont think it would work very well as a handbag, with the interior as well, it is made to be a beauty box
  5. Thanks everyone, I guess you are all right. It looks very big on Mon. I wish they would come out with a smaller version!
  6. I'd be really cute as a purse if it was a little bit smaller. People use the trouville as a purse eve though it's supposed o be a beauty bag, but I agree this would be too big.
  7. :nogood: just don't think it would work...
  8.'s kind of big. There was an older one that was boxy called the Bleeker. That might work! Let-trade sometimes has them for sale.