Vernis Vanity Case

  1. I saw one today in Pomme. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm in love:nuts::drool:
  2. Any pics?!?!!? :nuts:
  3. No, unfortuately I was actually walking into Gucci and when I left I walked into LV and saw it. I didn't have my cell phone with me.
  4. How pretty, I saw the pics on the website and they're gorgeous!
  5. Nevermind.. I see it on the site... it's GORGEOUS!!! :drool:


    I'm only available to see it in Amarante though. :sad:
  6. :love:
  7. OP did you see it IRL or on just a pic? If you saw it IRL, can you tell me which store? TIA
  8. My SA was trying to talk me into the WL for it, I simply think its too delicate, leaving scratches, etc...I hate to worry about stuff like that when I travel....but thats moi...
  9. SmoothOperator I think its how she spells her PF name, has the POMME Pegase and Armante and the Pomme Vanity and is waiting for the Armante