Vernis Valentines Gift. Should I keep it.

  1. I just received my first item of Vernis for Valentines Day, and don't know whether to keep it.

    It is the four key holder, (unfortunately, they don't have a 6) and Amarante, and it's nice, but I have no idea how Vernis holds up to reasonably heavy use leather wise. I don't mind about the finger prints that many FP members mention, but frankly how does the leather hold up? I am very careful with my things but wonder if it is really delicate.

    My other key case is monogram and virtually indistructable.

    All you 'Vernis' owners out there, what do you think?

  2. congrats on your gift! if you are careful w/your items, vernis should hold up fine :yes: just try to avoid direct exposure to heat and sun for long periods of time. many of pfer use vernis wallet or agenda on daily bases w/o any problem.
  3. Congrats on your 4 key holder!
    I have a framboise one since june of last year and I have used it every single day since. It looks brand new!! I just throw it in my bag and there's not one scratch on it. It's a bit dirty inside from my keys, but that's it. I take care of my stuff, but don't baby them.
    I say keep it and enjoy it!
  4. Vernis looks very delicate but in fact it is quite durable. I would keep it as they are so stunning. Congrats!
  5. ITA :tup:
  6. i think the vernis needs no taking care of at all! It's pretty and fuss-free. Keep it! ;)
  7. Yup! I think vernis is super easy to use, and really doesn't scratch as easily as you'd think! Congrats on the V-day gift, amarante is gorgeous!
  8. i love vernis. i have a pomme agenda for over a year, don't baby it, and it still looks fabulous! i think as long as the vernis is a dark color, it's easy to take care of. :biggrin:
  9. I have the 4 key holder in pomme - it's still beautiful after a year of daily use. Keep it!
  10. vernis holds up amazingly well. i have a vernis 4-keyholder in indigo, that i bought used (must be at least 3 years old)..i use it everyday, and it still looks *great*. it's pretty scratch-resistant.
  11. Congrats! I love the Amarante ... and since you are careful with your stuff, it should definitely be okay, enjoy it!
  12. keep it cos it beautiful...:heart:
  13. Congrats on the key holder! I think Vernis holds up very well and since you got it in Amarante, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I have a Framboise agenda that I threw around in my bag all the time and it still looks brand new!
  14. Thank you everyone who has answered my questions. It is really pretty, and with your encouragement, I will keep it.

    I was really reluctant to take it back anyway, because my 'D.H'. is not much of a gift giver. It took a lot of hinting to send him in the direction of 'Louie' and I would hate to do anything to discourage him.!! :graucho:
  15. the vernis is a lot tougher then you think. Last V day I got my pomme cles and used it everyday with my keys attached. I just recently about a month ago switched out of it. It still looks great :smile: