vernis thompson street


Jan 16, 2008
hello, I bought a thompson street on ebay for a birthday gift for a friend. I've never seen one IRL so can anyone post a photo of how much it can hold? I know its a bit small but I'm hoping she will still be able to use it daily. any help is much appreciated. also the color is beige. any maintenance issues I should know about the older vernis line?


So Proud!!
Mar 30, 2008
Best thing to do is to check out the Vernis thread in the clubhouse & also do a search in case there is a Thompson Street thread. The TS is rarely seen on TPF.

No need to worry about special maintenance of the original Vernis colors & items. And yes the TS is an irritatingly slim bag, one of the reasons I sold mine since there are certain things I must carry with me.


Mar 20, 2009
Bay Area, California
Thompson Street was one of my HG bags. I have one in rouge. The Vernis gets color transfer easy, also, some lighter colors gets discoloration from maybe the sun or something. I wouldn't say it holds a lot but it will hold wallet, phone, keys, and makeup/or an agenda pretty comfertably. I think it looks best full, because the structure makes it look better.

The strap feels fine and it is adjustable. It isn't long enough for crossbody option.

Mine is packed away, deep in the closet. That is how often I carry mine. I have a Masett Tango(?) which is the same style as TS just in mono canvas version. I use that a lot as it is more practical and require a lot less TLC.


May 12, 2011
Hamilton, New Zealand
I have the Thompson Street and I think it's actually a lot roomier than it looks. I don't know if it would be an everyday bag, but it's definitely great for weekends. I love them. I have the marshmallow, and it has discoloured a little but it's very even so you can't really tell. It has just yellowed slightly to an almost pearly/apricoty colour - sounds yuk but is actually really pretty and quite neutral.