Vernis Thompson St. OR Baggy PM

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Baggy PM or Vernis Thompson St.

  1. Baggy PM

  2. Thompson ST

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  1. Hi guys, I'm just doing a quick poll..

    I'd like to buy a shoulder bag in the (near) future...and debating over the baggy PM or Thompson St.

    I really like the baggy PM and it's functionality but just feel the price is too much $$ for denim...I don't know how much the thompson ST is in Cdn $ but in any case I am looking to buy used for both.

    In the baggy PM I like the fuschia but since it's discontinued I wouldn't mind the the Thompson ST I like red or indigo...(if you know of other colours let me know, I am open to colour suggestions).

  2. I love the baggy pm! I don't have one. The woven denim is really nice. I know, it's kind of pricey...
  3. I would go for the Baggy PM. :graucho:
  4. Baggy to own this bag in blue or green.
  5. really Nita?!?! I would thought you'd say Thompson..I keep drooling over your red vernis in the visual aids thread!!
  6. The Baggy!!! It is a bigger bag and also looks younger to me.
  7. I have the Thompson Street in beige, and while I love it and it's a beautiful bag, it really doesn't hold much. I can put my wallet, cell phone, keys, few small makeup items, and it won't even fit my sunglasses case. So I'd say go for the Baggy as it might be more functional. Let me know if you want some more pics, I can do it when I get home.
    Thompson Street.jpg Thompson Street 2.jpg
  8. Baggy PM - you will get more use of it than the Thompson Street.
  9. I know Denim is overpriced, but they've GOT to be the MOST COMFORTABLE everyday LV bags EVER!!:yes:

    I have a couple of Baggy GMs, and LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!:love:

  10. Get the Baggy, you might still be able to get the fuchsia if you call the vuitton #, even though it's discontinued.
  11. Baggy :smile:
  12. Baggy! You should still definately be able to get the fushia!
  13. I like the thompson street.
  14. thanks everyone! I will probably stay with the Baggy as my future bag to get. Unfortunately my priority is the azur 30 to buy, and then I will start saving for the baggy!!

    thanks everyone!! :smile:

  15. LOL..don't get me wrong I loooovvveee my Thompson but now I want Baggy PM..Don't ask me to choose girl, that's hard :roflmfao:

    Thompson in red is great, I got lots of head turning anytime carrying this baby..