Vernis Sunset Boulevard?

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  1. That`s great that you have started your collection at such an early age. It`s an investment you`ll never regret. I think the Neverfull is an ideal bag for you. You will get most use out of it. There will always be imitations/fakes out there, but that`s out of your control, as long as YOU know that it`s REAL!
  2. Neverfull!
  3. I vote for the neverfull. It would be a great addition to your collection and it would make a great school bag. I think the vernis sunset blvd is way too flashy and it's used mainly for an evening out (that's IMO anyways). Good luck in your decision! I'm glad you save up for your own LV's.
  4. The sunset blvd is a good choice specially if it's in pomme:drool: But at your age, it is too flashy and you won't be able to put a lot of stuff in it. I don't think you would want a neverfull though coz I'm pretty sure most girls in your school have it but I would still recommend it:yes: You could use the extra money to buy some ass kickin shoes:heart:
  5. Love the Sunset Blvd! It's worth saving up a little more for it! The Neverfull is such a popular bag that so many people are always carring it.
  6. Agree !!!
  7. Have you considered using the Neverfull as a school bag?
    If you have - I would buy the Neverfull.
    If not - save up for the Sunset Boulevard. I like amarante best.
  8. I own a pearl sunset blvd and it's not as flashy as the other vernis colors :smile:

    At ur age though, the neverfull would be much more practical to carry around to school.

    However, the sunset is a cute little bag u can always "hide" in your other bag and carry around school during breaks, etc :smile:
  9. I totally agree! Of course, you can use it for a wallet as long as you have a big purse to put it in. :hrmm:
  10. I would go for a sunset boulevard in Vernis if there's a colour you love. The colours wont be around forever. The Neverfull will be around for much longer. The sunset is also very practical and you can easily wear it with a school bag without looking like a mule. .
  11. how about a nf and a scarf to make it stand out?
  12. It really all depends on what you want to use the bag for. They are two very different bags. It seems the Sunset Boulevard is a small clutch/shoulder bag to carry your phone, keys and a small wallet. And the Neverfull PM is a larger tote-style purse that you can carry more stuff in. If you already have a speedy, then I suggest getting a smaller bag you can carry to special events, dinners, etc.
  13. I agree too! OT.... Shoegirl, I love your "display case" for your bags!!!
  14. The Sunset Blvd is a better choice between it and the Neverfull. Vernis is like an extended Limited Edition line. A few years from now, the current Vernis colors and the Sunset Blvd will not be available. Vernis is an attention getter and the embossing on the Sunset Blvd is beautiful! The Neverfull will probably still be around and it seems to be like the Speedy....EVERYONE has one.

    Don't worry about Vernis being for 'special events' or 'too flashy'. If you like it, rock it in heels or flip flops, skirt or jeans. It's about your style and in the end what YOU like.
  15. the Sunset in Pomme! If you have the Speedy, then you need a smaller bag. The Sunset sits on your shoulder, so you are hands free. Also, you can buy the cross body strap and voila! you have an adorable cross body bag (so cute on young girls). You also have a beautiful clutch. Then, if you wish, you can use the Sunset as a gorgeous wallet, with your Speedy ( the red and the Azur go really well ) and if you do pick up a neverfull, wait for the Damier. That was you have the red against the brown damier pattern, also a show stopper!