Vernis Sunset Boulevard?

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  1. I'm 14, and I want to get my second LV bag. I currently have a Speedy 30 in Azur, but I'm having trouble deciding between the Vernis Sunset Boulevard or the Neverfull PM. My parents make me save up my own money on Louis Vuitton, so I currently only have enough for the Neverfull, but I really am thinking about waiting a couple of months and getting the Vernis Sunset Boulevard.
    Also, not that I care, but which model do you think would be less often mistaken for fake? The kids at my private school can be nasty when it comes to designer handbags.

    What would you recommend?
  2. Basicandorganic I think you are so adorable!

    Get the Sunset Blvd. It is more unique. Plus you only have to save for a little while longer. The Neverfull you can pick up anytime. Stand out from those mean private school cows:blah:.
  3. Get the Sunset in Pomme.
  4. Save up for a little longer and get a sunset blvd, it is prettier than Neverfull. You also can use it for the prom. :smile:
  5. at the age you are at and what you would prob carry, i would say neverfull. if you still feel the need for something small and vernis, an agenda might do it for you. then you get that pop of color, but not something that is so flashy that someone will want to steal it. plus, a young lady in school can always use an agenda, its an intelligent fashion piece!
  6. I think the neverfull would make a perfect everyday bag for school
  7. The Neverfull is amazing for school!
  8. I agree Neverful!!!

  9. I agree! :tup:
  10. is more practical at your age and you'll get alot more use out of it.
  11. basicandorganic you're such a sweet girl. i feel so proud of you saving up your money to buy your own lv. as for your purchase i think the sunset is too flashy. its a really cute bag but its sure to make everyone jealous and actually hate you more. the neverfull would be perfect for school. =P make sure you keep us up to date on what you decide. :heart:

  12. I vote for the neverfull, because it seems to be a great everyday bag.
  13. Everyone have neverfull, does your school allow you to carry your own bags? It doesnt have zipper or anything, and so many stealers at school.

    Sunset boulevard is charming and elegant, but it doesnt fit much, it depends, are you the casual type girl or flashy type?
  14. Sunset Blvd!!!

  15. I would get the Sunset, but I would never take a Vernis bag to school. Vernis looks far more expensive due to the colorful patent leather and style and might make your schoolmates a little jealous.If anything, at your age, I would get a Neverfull. You can also use it as a book bag too. And I agree with photoobsessive, if you want something in Vernis, get an agenda.