Vernis Sunset Boulevard

  1. Does anyone know when they will release more Monogram Vernis Sunset Boulevard bags? LV claims it's all sold out in North America (well actually they said they have 2 more left in Perle only in all of NA). and online is all sold out too (US, Europe and Japan). It's going to be part of their new campaign but i just can't figure out when i can get one.
  2. Oh no. My friend told me that it was out of stock in London too! Have they stopped production or was it a limited edition? I really hope they have one in australia when i return nxt month =(
  3. I was told that they were sold out all over NA as well at the Mall of Millenia store in Orlando last week. I'm sure they will re-stock. Maybe ask your local store to call you when they come in. Or try eBay but be sure to have anything authenticated here first before you buy or bid!
  4. Hmm, I saw an amarante Sunset at my store, last night.
  5. ^ yeah i saw a Sunset in violette last week, at Hollywood/Highland i think.
  6. I could have sworn I saw one in Violette at the Mall of Millenia too, but can't be 100% sure. I'm pretty sure that that's how the subject came up in the first place....when I pointed it out in Violette and commented that I had one in Amarante. The SA then said that I was lucky becuase they were sold out everywhere.
  7. I'm wondering about this too since I have my eyes on a pomme one. If anyone sees one in US, please let me know!
  8. i saw a violette one at the melbourne boutique a few days ago
  9. Boston has violette if that helps anyone!
  10. do they sell the violette anymore?