Vernis Sunset Boulevard

  1. So I just saw this one on e-lux. Do they constantly release this bag in new colors for different seasons? I'm curious because I'm hoping they come out with it in a black in the Sunset Boulevard. I love the Amarante but I'm not sure it's a color i will use very often. The pearl is gorgeous but will it get super dirty? So I'm hoping to see black sometime...:confused1:
  2. I dont think they will release vernis in Black. As far as I know, they are only releasing it in these two colours. Vernis has been released in black before but it was Damier Vernis.
  3. Well, the Sunset Boulevard just got released, so I don't think it has anything to do with releasing a new coloured Sunset each season. In the future, if LV releases a black vernis then maybe the Sunset will come in black. I don't think LV will release JUST the black vernis Sunset would have to be an entirely new vernis colour.
  4. I really hope that LV will release sunset in pomme.
  5. ^^ me too! Perle I'd be too afraid to use, and Amarante would get covered with fingerprints if I used it as a clutch. So I am stuck lusting from afar until it comes out in a different color...which it hopefully will!
  6. Does anyone have it in the perle?
  7. ^ Jazzie does.
  8. I didn't see the Sunset Boulevard on eluxury when I looked... I looked under the Vernis line but didn't see it... someone care to guide me? :shame:

    Is it only out in Amarante and Perle as of yet?
  9. it is only out in amarante and perle right now...I wish they'd release it in pomme! I've asked though, and as of now they don't have any plans to release it in pomme :sad:

    and it's usually on elux - it must be sold out right now or something. Usually when I search "sunset" it comes right up.
  10. Yeah I did a search on the main page and nothing comes up.