Vernis striking red (pomme d' amour) - a practical choice?

Aug 2, 2009

I'm eyeing an LV monogram vernis bag and leaning towards the striking Red (Pomme d' Amour) color.

The other alternative is to go with the safer amarento - black cherry color. However, I'm not as excited on this color, though I know it will be easier to match vs. day-to-day outfit.

I just want to get your advice whether getting the striking red is practical or not. This will be the only LV bag that I have, though I do have a few other brands.

I find pomme d' amour very striking and gorgeous at first glance, but I do not want to tire of this hugely expensive bag (for me!) after 1 year. I'd like a bit more versatility on the bag - eg. you can carry to work, use on casual weekends, and bring to the occasional party.

For those who may have gotten the same striking red color - what has been your experience? Do you still love it after a couple of years? Do you think I will regret the purchase? Do you find it relatively easy to match vs. your outfit (though I'm not aiming for it to match all my outfits, but hopefully I will not be extremely constrained with this bag). I normally wear safe solid colors for my clothes - e.g. black/white.

Your advice highly appreciated! Excited to hear your experience or your personal reactions to people carrying this pomme d' amour color.


Nov 1, 2007
I think that the color is too bright for me personally, especially since I wear a lot of pinks and reds and it would clash with some of my clothes (I tend to wear a lot of blue accessories for this reason), but I also think that pomme is GORGEOUS.

When I was in Italy, I saw a girl with a Pomme Rosewood and it was just breathtaking. It is stuck in my mind even a year later!

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Jan 22, 2008
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I have a pomme zippy wallet and I love looking at it every day. I think that I wouldn't be able to use a bag like that every day, but I think it is BEAUTIFUL :love:


Jul 27, 2009
Sydney, Australia
I adore the vernis heart coin purse in pomme and think the colour is gorgeous. If you wear block colours you should look good. Just so long as they aren't in the red/pink 'family'.

The pomme would look excellent with black!!!

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Aug 4, 2008
i got the rosewood pomme. no pro at all when comes to matching clothes or accessories. the color is very refreshing. :yahoo:


Jul 28, 2009
Go with the red, Its a nice eye catching color. Not gross or overdone. Looks great.


Jan 11, 2008
I have a pomme zippy wallet and I love looking at it every day. I think that I wouldn't be able to use a bag like that every day, but I think it is BEAUTIFUL :love:
i agree! i think the pomme is nice on smaller accessories. it's a stunning color but you may not be able wear it everyday

amarante is a nice rich color for everyday, day and nite and it looks so different with indoor light settings and with outdoor sunlight! u'll be amazed how it shines when you try on the item IRL! i think the amarante has little shimmer that shines more than the pomme ones too :P

so you may ask yourself what you want
1) a bag that is stunning and will grab everyone's attention at the first sight?
2) a more subtle, elegant bag that you can wear everyday, with more diff outfits?

Good luck! Can't wait to know about your decision and can't wait to see your new vernis!!!
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Feb 24, 2009
I was at LV today looking at the Vernis items and was reminded once again how stunning Pomme really is! I think it is very practical and beautiful!
Nov 2, 2008
I love this color personally! I wear a lot of solid black, and think it would be an awesome POP of color to my normal "uniform". It totally depends on you wardrobe though!