vernis stamping different?

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  1. hey guys, I just got my indigo cles, and am pretty happy with it until I sat it next to my boutique bought new agenda. The stamping is kind of different, the agenda is more set in and defined, and the cles stamping isn't as deep and therefore looks slightly thicker then the agenda. is this normal? raising any flags here? TIA!
  2. It's normal, many of my pieces are that way (for example, my Bronze Ludlow is stamped lighter than my Framboise Houston). It's normal for them to vary from piece to piece; it's just another way to tell that they're made by hand. ;)
  3. ^^whew! thank goodness! thanks rebecca!
  4. No problem. :tup:
  5. yep, my two indigo pieces are different too ... french purse is lighter, agenda is deeper.

    now where are the pics of that cles?! :p
  6. same here, stamping varies for each piece. Whenever I stroke my vernis babies, DH will joke that the only Braille i would ever know is the LV logo. hehe

  7. It's funny!!! I like it!
  8. my mom's vernis compact zipper wallet is very light and her thompson street is very deep and set in. same with my pomme flat pouch and marshmallow reade -- flat pouch is deeper than reade.
  9. Please post all authenticity questions in the Authenticate This LV thread. Pics would also help. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.