vernis springstreet

  1. i have never been a fan of vernis...too shiny in my opinion (though i looooove shiny jewelry and makeup!)

    is springstreet discontinued? i have fallen in love with the shape of the bag..and fits the theme of this fall's fashion!! however, i dunno what colors have been released..any help fellow tPFers?

    (yes yes, i do remember im on a purse ban)
  2. yes it's been discontinued :sad:
  3. It came in red, for sure.
  4. i see silver and lavender..and also fuschia on ebay....any else?
  5. rose pink
  6. I think this bag is so adorable and I have been so close to buying it off eBay myself .... if you get it you must post pics!!
  7. who has springstreet here??? can u guys show it to me??