Vernis Spring street

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  1. I just got this purse. It doesnt come with a key fob does anyone know if I can get the keys and the leather tab?? well its no need just wondering and does it look better with the strap carried?? and does anyone know how much?? and does anyone know how much does it retail??? just wondering thanks guys are always helpful!



  2. Congrats on the Rose SS! I used to have the exact same one. As far as I know, you cannot buy the clochette separately especially since it has been discontinued for some time. I purchased mine in 2001 for $1000 CAD + tax. When I had mine I never attached the keys to it. It thought it was awkward looking and think it looks better without.
  3. it is so so cute!! congrats. :smile:
  4. gorgeous! sorry i can't help with the clochette or the retail price but that is such a beautiful color.

    did you get this off ebay? i think i was watchng the same one
  5. Clanalois has a lavendar SS, you may want to contact her to see how much she purchased her for ?
  6. yeah I got it off ebay!!! just bid it now 3 hours ago. got it for 379 USD total was 409 good deal??? I have been addicted to ebay with LV's so about feb I only had 3 LV's NOW I have 9 total..thats insanc....does anyone have the same addiction??
  7. Girl... the addiction is only going to get worst! :P
  8. Take the bag into your LV boutique - they may be able to order a replacement clochette for you, but will need to authenticate the bag first. LV keeps some spare parts, even for discontinued items. The only downside is that you probably won't have an exact match in the vernis, as the rose was prone to fading.

    Good luck!
  9. loooove this bag!!!both the colour and the shape!!!congrats
  10. I love that bag, I want one in lavender :love:

    Congrats, it's beautiful! :nuts:
  11. That bag is so adorable. I love the color!
  12. ^^ I want that in red or framboise!
  13. sooooooooooooooooooooo sweet! very beautiful!
  14. The retail price is $840 usd in 2005.
  15. how do I keep the vernis from fading?? this is my first vernis bag and I heard that it fades and transfers so how do I take care of it??