Vernis Speedy?

  1. I believe this is a Vernis Speedy that Lindsay is carrying, but I can't find them on Elux.

    Does LV even make a Vernis Speedy? I want one! :graucho:
  2. Looks more like one of those Mirroir Bags.
  3. ^ yup :yes: thats the miroir speedy:love:
  4. its a silver miroir speeeedy :drool::wtf:

    im seriosuly considereing SO-ing a vernis speedy 30 :cutesy:
  5. it looks like silver speedy 30 mirroir :yes:
  6. Oh, ok.. thanks guys! :biggrin:
  7. I can't see it glistening, the color is dark, so at first I thought it was Mini Lin.
  8. its 100% a miroir speedy. LV wont make a vernis speedy not even special order. there was a fake one posted some time ago in an old thread and people were saying that it was a special bag made only for Japan but later we found that it was fake.
  9. Miroir reflecting Lindsay's dress. :p
  10. Hmm NOPE, its the miroir speedy.

  11. I agree. Miroir speedy.

  12. why LV wont SO a vernis speedy :crybaby:?
  13. That was found to be fake!!? :wtf:
    Where is that thread?
  14. use the search button there are quite a few threads on it. :smile:
  15. I think the verdict on that one was up in the air. I remember Laurence, an SA who used to be on here occasionally confirmed that they would NOT be able to SO that bag but it WAS a bag exclusive to Japan and only came in the Perle color. That bag was way too perfect to be a fake of any sort; I have yet to see anyone be able to perfect a fake from the vernis line, no matter how "mirror image" they claim to be.