Vernis Speedy??

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  1. I would LOVE to see a vernis speedy .. I wonder how much that would cost in special order.. sigh..
  2. that is such a good idea! i would love to know the answer too
  3. I would love the old purple color like my Reade pm or the dark blue color .. anyone with so experience how much it would cost? is it the monogram 25 prize plus 30%?
  4. apparently, there was a perle vernis speedy available only in Japan before. it was a subject of debate on this forum about whether it was authentic or not. if you use the search function, the thread regarding this topic should come up... there was a picture posted, and it looked very real.

    i didn't think LV did special orders for vernis speedy. someone correct me if i'm wrong
  5. i just looked at that, well about the fake white vernis alma .. apparently there was pics of so vernis bags .. but I may have to ask my SA..
  6. Thanks, I saw the pic and it looked nice.
  7. Hi, LV will not make a vernis speedy special order :sad: its such ashame. There was a vernis perle speedy posted in the forum that was said to be only available to Japan but I think it was fake because LV would never put modern zips that are never usually on vernis items on a vernis peice LE or no LE. Also the vernis keepalls Mercer were made but the one that was supposedly made for Japan had the bottom attached by strips of leather but this is not right as the Mercer had the bottom attached by one peice of plain coloured leather matching the vernis colour. The speedy also had peices of leather attaching the bottom. IMO it was fake :sad:
  8. I can't find the thread, can someone please post the link for me. I have never seen this before. Thank you.
  9. I agree, Steve, about that vernis speedy being fake.
  10. I cant see the pics...
  11. [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Thanks Socialite. I didn't read the whole thread I just looked at the pics. I would have to say it was fake. The lining is alcantra. Vernis does not have alcantra linings.