Vernis Speedy

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  1. I found a Vernis Speedy 30 on Yahoo Japan for about $1300usd.




    Pictures courtesy of the seller.

    Was it a special order?
    I was hesitant about the authencity, but it looks real to me!

    Its looks lovely though! :love:
  2. Wow.... it's gorgeous!!!

    But I can never use that. vachetta leather + pearl vernis = never seeing light of day.
  3. I think I remember hearing that the Vernis Speedy was exclusive to Japan? I could be wrong though.
  4. OMG.... i never seen that....
  5. I want that. Like now.
  6. That Is Hot Hot Hot!!
  7. Oh holy.. wow wow wow... it's so beautiful! I would put it behind a glass display case and stare at it all day!
  8. OMG!!!! I wish they sold that in the US but in other colors!!! It's freakin' beautiful!
  9. :nuts: wow!!! look at that!!! i dont think i'd be able to use that!!!! its too beautiful!!! :love:
  10. hot!
  11. :nuts: I love Vernis and this is a beauty!
  12. WOW. Now that is beautiful! I'm sure its real (at least I hope so or else that would just be a shame), its really pretty!
  13. Love it but that colour is too hard to look after
  14. lvbabydoll ~ I Think That May Be Right About Japan...I'm Not Sure Which Colors.

    This Piece Is A Beauty......
  15. wow that is some eye candy! absolutely beautiful ive never seen one like that ... double wow!! i love it but i will never be able to use it .
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