vernis speedy in red or black

  1. I would love a vernis speedy in red and/or black.....I know that they do not make them but, think that they should
  2. I wonder why LV doesn't make the most classic LV bag ever in the vernis? Does anyone know the reason??
  3. LVPug, you have a fabulous imagination and are just dreaming up exactly what you want... I love it! visualize it girl, it COULD happen, if we only believe....

  4. Actually I want a red bag and I love vernis...the epi red speedy is ok but,the vernis current red in a speedy is sooo I called LV and told them that they should make them...they said that they would relay the message but, who knows...I asked about a special order and they said not this one:crybaby: would be stunning and I love :heart: red...even better than the PVC mirrior IMO...really patent in red and/or black speedy style...ohhh that would sell:P
  5. black vernis would be hot
  6. I have wondered this too...but I know you can't SO it either...very odd.
  7. Maybe it's difficult to or they want whatever Vernis Speedy out there already to be the only ones out there for exclusivity/limited purposes? I heard that you can get SOs in discontinued styles either.
  8. I agree, a Vernis speedy would be amazing and I guarantee they would sell really well...
  9. Red for sure :heart:
  10. *drools at the thought*
  11. Yeah, that perle vernis speedy they made was HOT! I think it was only distributed in Japan!?! WAHHH
  12. what a great idea! These would fly off the shelves if LV ever decides to make them!
  13. I would definitely buy it in red. Vernis red would be so beautiful!
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