Vernis Speedy In Pomme D'Amour ???

  1. If the Speedy were made in vernis and available in Pomme D'Amour would you ladies buy one?Personally I think a Speedy in vernis would put the Mirior Line to shame.What are you thoughts and opinions.
  2. I will die..

    I love speedy in vernis especially in Pomme d'amour doubt..vernis speedy would put Miroir speedy to shame..
  3. ^ Definitely TDF bag!
  4. that would be TDF!
  5. a vernis speedy would be so beautiful!
  6. yeah id get one. i think it would look super nice. and as far as putting miroir line to shame...i never really liked it. (only the gold speedy...kinda)
  7. I'd DEFINITELY buy that! It would be so pretty. I think it would put the mirior bags to shame, but then again I didn't like the mirior line at all!!! *ducking*
  8. that would be really cute! I didn't like miroir speedy.
  9. I don't think it would put anything "to shame" exactly, since they're completely different lines. That'd be like comparing the denim speedy to I don't know..the mini lin.
    As far as that goes, I LOVE my Miroir Speedys and get an insane amount of compliments on them, more than any of my bags from any other line, Vernis included. That said, I think it'd be pretty if they did come out with it in the pomme d'amour and I'd buy it, but I doubt that they will.
  10. Hell Yes! :yahoo:
  11. i would loooooove one if they made it in pomme d'amour, but i would love a mirroir anything too. they sold out in my city before i even knew about them :crybaby:
  12. You better believe that one be one bag added to my collection. Man that would be TDF!
  13. I just talked to my SA regarding this as a special order.She checked in the computer to see if anyone had requested a SO Speedy made in vernis and found a SO for one they did in perle with a price tag of $1600.00 ;) .She going to check this option out for me on a Speedy 30 in Pomme D'Amour and get back with the info.
  14. Yes I like one in Speedy 25.
  15. OH WOW!! Im clueless!! I had no idea they did SO's. If they do this will be fanfrickingtastic!!!:nuts: Cant wait to hear back from ya!!:yahoo: