Vernis Speedy....Could It Be?


What do you think about a speedy in vernis?

  1. OOHH! I would love to see a speedy in vernis!

  2. NO...I think they should stick to the current styles available.

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  1. Ok, well I am currently on a quest for a new speedy. I have been far over due for another LV purchase since I got my Azur Speedy a few months ago. I have been running into so many problems because I hate mono (right now at least) and I'm not ready for the epi yet. I have played with it in the store but just can't bring myself to take it home with me.

    So I started thinking okay well I would LOVE something in vernis. I love the sunset blvd. but it's not practical for me I would just end up using it as a wallet probably dropping it in my current speedy.

    Anyway I started thinking ooohhh what if they made a speedy in vernis. In any of the color's. I mean it would be really close to the mirroir but I think it would subtle in comparison. So my question is have you ladies ever thought about this? Is this something I would be able to SO. I would so love to have a vernis speedy 30 in amarante! I was going to call my SA to ask about this but I didn't want to sound crazy so I figured I would ask you ladies first.
  2. it has been discussed many times over sadly they do not make it and it can not be SO'd

    There was a thought that in Japan (?) there was a Vernis speedy made exclusively for a limited time but it has been the centre of many discussions as to if it was real or fake (I still don't know the answer to that one)

    any way sorry but it can't be done if you do a search you'll find some of the older threads where it was discussed
  3. I don't think you could SO it (you can't even SO Azur :amazed:) but how cool would it be if they actually made Vernis Speedy's...
  4. you can't SO azur because it's under 2 years old you will be able to SO one day it just needs to be out longer
  5. I searched for "vernis speedy" and got nothing. But thank you for the recommendation.

    ETA: Maybe I didn't go back far enough I will check again.
  6. well i figured a Special order (SO) would of helped.
    I dont understand why it cant be SO like Label Addict says.
    Regardless, Maybe you'd like a all vachetta speedy. i know i would.
    and id prefer it over the vernis 100000 times.

    and you dont like the mirior, diordramaqueen?

  7. I checked too maybe they are older threads then the search cut off date :shrugs:but they are out there somewhere

    They are actually pretty strict on what can and can't be SO'd which can be very frustrating, maybe with the miroir speedy and now the vernis pegase it may be something they'll either make or SO in future
  8. You can SO an all vachetta...but oy...the maitenance that would require! Would be worse than a Nomade speedy!
  9. ^ Yep and if the price doesn't give you a heart attack taking care of the bag will LOL!
  10. Yes, I do. But I figured since it was LE that it would be MIA. I don't want to spend more than retail for it either. In addition I wanted a darker speedy this time around.

    As for an all vachette speedy I would probably have a heart attack trying to keeping it in pristine condition. The handles on my speedy alone have kept me busy.
  11. LOL I just read your post after answering clearstatic I couldn't agree with you more!
  12. I would love to see a vernis speedy.
  13. Thanks, didn't know that :smile:
  14. I would love a pomme speedy. I wonder why they don't make one.

  15. i tok they did come out in the line b4 it limited edition rite ?? i remember i saw pic of Whole Alma bag made of white milky natural cowhide with a heatstamp LV at the corner:smile: am i rite ?? can sumone enlighten me?
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