~Vernis Sarah vs. Empreinte Curieuse~

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  1. I'm a total sucker for reds myself! I fell in love with this because it looked pretty close to red and because of the removable coin purse. If LV ever comes out with Empreinte in a true red color, I'm so screwed :P I didn't think I would like long wallets until I had no choice but to buy one earlier this year as it was the only one that matched one of my new Michael Kors bags and I haven't turned back to compact wallets since!

    I bought mine preloved and I asked the seller if it was closer to red or orange in person and she told me it is really more of a burnt orange. In different lighting it could honestly pass for red, and in others it looks like a deep orange. AND even though it was preloved it looked pretty much brand new. Either way, I love it!
  2. I've had mono zippy and vernis and this is by far is my favorite.

  3. Thanks! I am in trouble! I will try to go this week!

  4. Thanks!! Looks like I am leaning towards the curieuse!
  5. I recently got the Curieuse in Aurore and I absolutely LOVE IT. You won't regret it, trust me!

  6. Thanks!!!
  7. Definitely go for the Curieuse :tender:

  8. Thanks!!! The insolite is my 3rd choice. I fell hard for these two wallets!

  9. The Insolite is a great wallet, but go for leather if that's an option! ;)

  10. Yes definitely!!
  11. I have the curieuse in Celeste and love it! My favorite wallet now. I often remove the coin purse and put my cell phone and key fob in it's spot. Then the wallet doubles as a clutch.

  12. Thank you so much!!!
  13. Ceriueuse - empreinte leather is so beautiful

  14. Yes it is! Thanks!!
  15. I've had both wallets. I sold my Vernis Sarah within a few weeks as I found my credit cards stuck to the front slots b/c of the vernis. Inside was okay but I liked putting my frequently used in front for quick access so that was a pain. I've had my curieuse for a year. LOVE IT! No complaints as all. Just bought a second one in Amethyst!! :biggrin: