~Vernis Sarah vs. Empreinte Curieuse~

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  1. Hi everyone!! I am torn between these two wallets. I cannot decide between the Vernis Sarah in Pomme and the Curieuse in Orient. For those who own any of these, how is it holding up? Any color transfer? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  2. I have the Curieuse in Orient. I absolutely love it. I don't have problems with color transfer. I thought I loved my DE Josephine until I started using this one. I want it all different colors now.

    FYI though I've never had a Sarah or a vernis piece so idk how valuable my opinion is..
  3. I have the curieuse in grenat and I love it! holds up perfect and still smells so good! 👍
  4. I have vernis sarah in violette. The biggest wallet I've ever carried :smile: I haven't experienced any colour transfer and no scratch yet. I've been using it non stop for like two months. You have to baby it though. I got longchamp coin purse for my keys for that reason only ( i have 2 key holders and a swiss knife so cles was not an option).

  5. Thank you so much for replying. How is the coin purse? Does it get in the way? I love how it is removable.

  6. Ohhh grenat is pretty too!! Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Curieuse! I have it in Jaipur and it looks brand new, though I've been carrying it for 8 months or so. The leather holds up beautifully, and I don't have to baby it. I love it so much that I'm planning on buying a second in Grenat.

    I have had transfer issues with vernix (even though I'm very careful and was aware this could happen) so I no longer buy it. That's just a risk you run with patent leather.

  8. That is a lovely color. Thanks for the info!

  9. The coin purse doesn't really get in the way. You do have to grip the wallet ever so slightly tighter when you unzip it just because it's not held on by anything, but it's not anything that is an issue... sort of a natural reflex really. I love how flexible and durable the wallet is. It was my first Empreinte and I had never seen Emp in person before, but it was so beautiful I bought it anyway. I've really only had it for a month but I don't baby it in any way. I thought I accidentally scratched or scuffed it a few times but nope!

    You will most likely love it. I noticed here in a few threads that sometimes if Curieuse doesn't work out, the compact version does so you always have that option :smile:

    P.S. -- I love how nice the Orient color looks with the red interior of DE bags.

  10. This is so helpful!! Thanks!!! I need a bigger wallet. I am a sucker for reds and I have been eyeing the orient color. Good to know you don't baby it. I myself is the same way.

  11. Thanks so much!!!

    I love the grenat color too. Decisions!!
  12. In my opinion, Orient doesn't "read" as red. More of a hot orange. Just so you know!

    And the removable change purse is awesome! No issues.:smile:
  13. I have the infini curieuse and love it. You don't have to baby it at all.

  14. I need to make a trip and see! Thanks!! I was looking at the aurore and grenat color too.

  15. Thank you! Love infini color!